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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Astral Projection: The Moon

From Journal Entry 1/26/13

I find myself in my astral body.  I say that I want to fly past the five moons and the five suns.  The stars I see in the sky are amazing!  As I approach the first moon I am joyfully repeating, "Beautiful moon, beautiful moon!"  I think to myself this is a long journey.  I can see the second moon.  I am almost to it.  I suddenly wake up in my body.

The prophet Issiah says, "The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness shall the moon give light unto thee: but the Lord shall be unto thee an everlasting light, and thy God thy glory.  Isa 60:19-20

Kabir says that if you want to encounter God you have to travel past the stars, the five moons, and the five suns towards your true home.  Pass through the sky and the star; take courage and cross also the inner sun and moon, then you will be able to reach and place your head at the doorstep of the Lord's court.

Reference~ Kabir The Weaver of God's Name

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Little Prince

From Journal Entry: Astral Projection 12/15/11

I found myself in front of a house, lying in the grass.  A black woman, cheery, mid to late 30's- comes out of a house.  I asked her where I was.  She said Corpus Prince.  I asked what day it was.  She said Tan Baby Day.  She repeated Corpus Prince with the number 40. 
An Internet search of Corpus Prince led me to a children's book, The Little Prince.  I read the book and found a personal message I believe was meant for me.  This is what I got out the book that found it's way into my life.

The Little Prince visits seven planets.  The last one he visits is Earth.  He has encountered arrogance, self absorbed, egotistical men with no purpose. He does though meet a a Lamp Lighter who has a purpose.  On Earth, he meets a man in the desert.  His plane has crashed and he is desperately trying to fix it.  He forms a bond with this man and meets a fox that wants to be tamed.  The fox reminds him of his rose that he cared for back home on his planet. 
The Little Prince realizes that the time he spent with his rose is what made the rose so important.  That he is responsible forever for what he has tamed and cared for diligently and lovingly.  He longs to see his rose again and allows a snake to bite him.  The Little Prince tells the man not to be sad at what he sees as a lifeless body.  That it is just a shell, and he is returning home to his rose.

~One sees clearly with the heart.  Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

Reference~The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Astral Projection-The Nature of Andrew

From Journal Entry 1/22/2011

There is a storm brewing and it is big!  The bottom of my feet are magnets.  I magnetize my feet to a round piece of metal that takes me to a building.  I ask a woman whom I can talk to about the storm.  She sends me to a guy's office.  I find him and I tell him that I want to know who's thoughts are trying to harm me.  He doesn't know the cause.  He tells me to visit the storm and learn its nature.  He says to invest in Dam Andrew Territory and buy property for $20.

Dream symbols:
Storm- symbolizes my rising spirituality, rapid changes ahead of me
Magnets- personal empowerment, some force is bonding my relationships together
Number 20- in need of support
Investment- my preparation for the future, laying out a solid groundwork for success

I would turn to the bible for further guidance and seek out the apostle Andrew.  What I would find would speak to me intimately.  So began my study of Andrew and the understanding of my storm.

References ~The Apocryphal New Testament (The Acts of Andrew) by J.K. Elliott          

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Astral Projection- Angel & Dragon

From Journal Entry 4/2/2002

I looked up in the sky after arriving at Grandma Theresa's house.  I saw two constellations.  One was a dragon and the other an angel.  The dragon was breathing fire on the angel.

There are three kinds of creatures- first angels.  Angels are pure intelligence.  Their nature and their nourishment are worship, service, and perpetual remembrance of God.  They eat and live by these exactly like fish live and by water.  They have no desire, so they have no need to struggle against it.  Obedience is their essence.
Then there are animals.  They are pure desire, desire in its naked state. 
Then comes humankind- that strange hybrid of intelligence and desire.  Man is half-beast, half-angel.  The fish in man attracts him toward the shining water; the serpent in him drags him toward the earth.
The angel is always saved by knowledge; the animal by its unadorned ignorance.  Man is between them, struggling, suffering, aspiring, falling, confused, desperate, ambiguous.

"He whose intelligence conquers his desires is higher than the angels; he whose desire overwhelms his intelligence sinks lower than any animal."

Reference~ Light Upon Light Inspirations from Rumi, Andrew Harvey

Monday, April 18, 2011

Astral Projection- Woman with Message

From Journal Entry 4/22/1999

I ended up in a woman's house, who summoned me there. She showed me her art. She said she asks the painting what it wants her to paint. She said after many reincarnations people learn to create and develop their powers.

I have found through my own experiences and past life memories that this is true. We tend to pick up where we left off in our past life. Your passion in life becomes an expression of God. Developing your talent becomes a way of serving God.

We are all here to learn more about ourselves. In the end we will find that our identities are not separate from God, but are in fact one with God.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Astral Projection about Getting Married

From Journal Entry Summer of 2000

I travel through the sky looking at the beautiful scenery below. A lake and pine trees mixed with a background of sunset colors. I then walk through a building to a woman sitting at a pillar. She asks me, "What do you want?" I reply, "I want to know what have I done?" She says, "No you don't. Some are really gruesome." She suggest, "What else do you want?" I reply, "I don't know." I then end up in a doctor's office. A woman at the front desk tells me the nurse is in a bad mood. I demand to know where she is. I go and find her. I find her down the hall to a door on the left. She says, "What do you want?" I respond, "I want a check up from the neck up." She sighs, "Come on Michelle, you know I can't do that." I finally just say, "A physical." She proceeds to give me a physical. I hear her say some numbers and she tells me, "You need to talk to Mary Ann Wisely."

When I woke up I picked apart every detail I remembered. The question what have I done was in reference to my past lives. I wanted to know what my karma was from the past. I was told I don't want to know. Not that I wasn't allowed to know, just that it wasn't in my best interest to know at that time. When I told the nurse I wanted a check up from the neck up I felt kinda like a crazy lady. For one, being in a projection feels like reality but a different reality, and secondly, in real life I'm always doubting myself and those experiences. Sometimes I feel I am crazy. When the nurse told me to talk to a woman named Mary Ann Wisely, what she really meant literally was to marry and wisely. I did take the advice and married wisely.

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Astral Project

Astral projection is an out of body experience. This is a basic step by step guide to willfully dissociate consciousness from the physical body. There's a lot to gain from astral travel. The possibilities are limitless. The astral world is made up of thought forms of human desire and imagination.
You want to have a clear space with no distractions. It also helps to be at your best physically. Being healthy aids in the flow of energy. The key to a successful journey is intention and relaxation. It will be more helpful to focus on where you are going. When targeting a person or place in ordinary reality focus and try to hold the image of the person or place you have in mind. When you are fully relaxed:
1. Visualize your second self
2. Notice details of yourself
3. Let your consciousness flow to your second self
4. Scan the place around you
5. Move about the room
6. Consider further explorations in your new vehicle.
Move through your house, the neighborhood, or you may target a person or place at a distance and journey to them.
My experience with leaving the body is I usually feel a sudden jolt. At first you may feel frightened when there is the realization that you are detached from your body. Then the next thing that will happen to me is I'll feel like I'm zooming upwards through a tunnel of stars at lightning speed. Within a few seconds I will arrive at my destination.
There is a vast amount of knowledge located on the astral plane. There are esoteric schools, libraries, the house of time (where you can travel backwards and forward in time), and much more.
Conscious dreaming is an excellent preparation for the challenges that lie before you in this life and for the challenges of the journey you will make after death.

Resources~Dream Gates, Robert Moss

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Astral Drifting

From Journal Entry May 14, 1999

I'm standing in front of a house, ringing the doorbell. A woman answers the door. She is 35-40 years old with short black hair, and not that attractive. Four guys are sitting in the living room watching T.V. The woman asks who I am. I reply, "I'm Madison-this is an astral projection." I said it with attitude. She says she doesn't know whom I am. I respond by saying, "Someone wished me here and I want to know who did." She acted as if she didn't understand. She finally says, "Your out of your body- and if you don't figure this out it will eat at you until you die." I suddenly was jolted back into my body.

In its usual state, your consciousness has three vehicles: The physical body, the astral (emotional) body, and the mental body. In astral projection, part of the astral body remains with the physical body to keep it functioning, and part of the substance of the astral body goes forth. You can go wherever you desire in your astral body. Since it is the astral body it is governed by emotions.

When you find yourself anywhere without any volition (clear intent) whatever, this is called drifting. These people are referred to as "astral drifters." In the beginning that's what I was. I simply wanted to experiment and did so foolishly.

I will blog more about the different levels of the astral plane and etheric plane. There are different degrees depending on vibration. There are techniques I use to execute a projection. I will also explain the astral plane and what happens after death depending on your vibration in relation to the astral and etheric plane.

Resources~ Messages from Heaven by Patricia Kirmond Astral Projection by Denning & Phillips