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Friday, July 24, 2020

What Good Things May Come

no need to feel sorry for me
i lost an ex that drank to much
smoked way to much pot
cheated repeatedly
angered easily
lied often
projected fear
shifted blame
just to name a few
him, he lost a devoted, faithful wife

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Sapphire's Poem to Arion: A Love You Thought Impossible

you were everything to me
when we met
i felt a surge of power
through my soul
and then for years
it felt like i was carrying 
the sun and the ocean
inside of me
years have now gone by
since i last saw you 
and now i feel a void
where once you occupied
that space within me
it is frightning
to no longer feel your presence
now i have to put you
in a safe place
in my mind
to know love like yours exists
makes it hard for me
to find another love
because nothing compares 
to you 
not when you've 
known love
beyond the boundaries
of physical connection
and felt a greater power
with no limits
that can only be described as 
a love you thought was impossible 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Positive Attitude to Fight Back With

my whole life
i've been surviving depression 
surviving abuse
surviving in this world 
that has made me at times feel
more isolated
than connected to others
i know i'm damaged
but i have done my best
to heal my wounds
i don't live in the past
but my past
shadows me
in my present relationships
everyday i fight this
everyday i accept
me for me
and give those that i love
my best
i know i'm imperfect 
but it hasn't stopped me
if anything
it's made me more determined 
to fight back
with a positive attitude
and to love those
who hurt
like i do

Monday, July 13, 2020

A Human Shield

i've  lived through many disasters 
and survived the aftermath 
i've found strengh within me
that i didn't know i had
the more obstacles
i overcome
the bravier 
i am
it's like
learning to adapt
to a world of uncertainties 
with a new attitude 
it's no longer 
playing the victim role
but stepping into the warrior
you were born to be
it's putting on armor
not to shield yourself
from others
but always being prepared 
to defend your values
and sometimes
let's face it 
it pisses others off
when they know
you won't buy into their bullshit
and be bullied
you can act tough
or be tough 
in a way
that shields the elderly
the children 
the ones who can't defend themselves
from assholes or bigots or thugs
you and i are needed
in a big way
and someone has to be courageous 
to rise to the call
remember that when you're going 
through a disaster 
you feel you can't live through
you dear one are being prepared
to shield others

Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Screaming Voice Within

tattooed on this canvas
is my pain
once blank
now it fills up
with words
that i use 
to describe
my heartbreak
and more
writing it down
keeps me true
to myself
and reminds me
that i can trust myself
to move through this
every time
a negative emotion surfaces
i know i've got this
because i showed up for myself
and dictated onto paper
the screaming voice within

Friday, July 3, 2020

A Place to Call Home

i have found my landing spot
closer to heaven
than hell
with mountain views
sure i have work to do
on this rustic abode
but it's mine
and she has good bones
the potential is definely there
like it is in me
to be great
and stand out from all the rest
yep, me and this house
are the perfect match
a little rough on the outside
but softness and light
wanting to burst through