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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Our Book

Our book writes itself.  We give reverence to its revealings by dropping to our knees.  The prayer mat under our feet is our heart.  We remain true to its whisperings and make disciples out of the unbelievers.

Friday, June 21, 2013

No Roots

From one moment to the next,
I change my mind about you-
from clinging to you to pushing you far away.
I delight in your memory and toil in its goneness.
From one moment to the next, 
I wish to draw you near my heart;
then I change my mind and wish to be free of you.
I am constantly changing my position on you.
I am a changing thing with no roots.
Forms gather attachments;
love is just a word that clings.
I cling to change and changing myself is all I have to offer you.
What else is love if it does not expand?
I would be bored with myself and you if I remained unchanged.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Sapphire's Letter to Arion: Next Year's Language


What are you waiting for my love?  Are you to paralyzed in fear to speak?  Do you doubt your earth walk is divine love?   When will the day come that you unleash your heart on mine?  When will the sorrows of your yesterdays be buried in their proper resting place?  Speak to me and I will be humbled at your revealings.  Speak to me the language of an ancient friendship between two hearts.  The moon appears as a sliver but the fullness of its becomings is us.  Have you forgotten this truth?  You are wise beyond your years.  Perhaps you stay away for good reason.  To hell with reason!  My soul cries out, "Stir me up, turn me inside out!  I want to see beyond this pasture.  I want to see next year's language!"

Your Darling

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Angel of Death

Bawa meets the Angel of Death.  This is his mystical experience with the Angel of Death.

I saw that the Angel of Death had four faces; one face was black, one was the face of milk, one was the face of fire, the other face was looking at a tree all the time.

 I greeted him saying, “May the peace of God be with you.”  When I looked at him, I found that the whole world was within his eyes, every life was within his eyes.

When I looked at the face of milk, it was a beautiful face.  I looked at the face of fire, and it was burning like fire.  The black face was very dark, and the fourth face was turned towards the tree.  As the souls came toward him, he stretched his hand out and grabbed them.  There was a huge mountain of souls.

Then I spoke to the Angel of Death.  He said, “Look at my eyes.  The whole world is within my eyes.  I do the work given to me by Allah.  There is no soul that can escape my eyes, even if it is hiding under a stone.  No one can hide from me.  They cannot live any place where I cannot see.” 

I asked the Angel, “You are always looking toward this tree.  What are those lights?”

And he said, “All souls of all lives are on this tree.  As soon as a light stops twinkling, we know that a life is ending.  The same light that shines here also shines within each creation.  The light represents the light of each individual’s soul.  Within each person it is the soul, and here is the light.  As soon as the light fades here on the tree, it means the person’s allotted food and water in the world is over, and it is time for me to bring him back.  So I stretch my hand in his direction and summon him here.  I have to be looking at the tree every moment to see when a light stops blinking.  That is why I must keep a constant watch on this tree.”

“The souls of jinns are captured by my face of fire.  Evil beings are captured with my black face.  Those good people who have the benevolence of God, His thoughts, and His remembrance, I receive with my face of milk.  Like the newborn baby suckles milk so gently from the breast without any pain to the mother, I will gently draw the soul of those who are good.  I will draw them with the face of milk.”

“I am neither above or below.  You cannot say that I am in a particular place.  The world is within every human being, and all worlds can be seen within my eyes.  I realize everything that is within me.”

Then he motioned to me to go further and look, and I saw that the number of people going to heaven were few and the number of people going to hell were many.

Reference~To Die Before Death The Sufi Way of Life by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

Saturday, June 1, 2013


There are many becomings that lie ahead.  If I trust this love then I become love- timeless and free- moving towards eternity.  The becomings of eternity are unexplored regions of my heart.  If I brave the sea of infinity I will discover a new truth and a new passage in my heart that leads to you.  I will see with clarity that any movement on my part is movement towards you.  I will know with certainty that which my heart already knows; that my life unfolding is you.