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Friday, April 29, 2011


Synchronicity feels like we are in just the right place at the right time to receive important information. Through observation we can see that these synchronised moments are preceded by an intuitive urge that directs us to go somewhere or say something. we do have guidance available to us, that when we 'tune in' are invaluable. Remaining in a state of 'alertness' is key for the guiding intuition to arrive.

Synchronicity works in in two ways for me. In one way I refer to it as spontaneous synchronicity. I'll have a premonition, a dream, or something in my current life will demand my attention. Usually this is a nagging thought that urges me to take action. It is accompanied by a feeling to act, not to wait.

The other works in the way of requesting an answer from the Universe. I will pose my question to God and ask for a sign as to the course of action I need to take. For this to be successful you have to be open to all possibilities. You may not desire the outcome you ask for, but remember God knows best. Often times I will receive a dream as to what I should do. Sometimes God will place just the right person or book, etc. that I need on my path.

As you follow your 'inner guidance' you begin to see how events in your life unfold. You begin to see how one event is 'stringed' to the next event. It's a great comfort and joy to feel connected to the Universe in a way that you feel it is intimately speaking to you.

Reference ~The Twelfth Insight, by James Redfield

Monday, April 18, 2011

Astral Projection- Woman with Message

From Journal Entry 4/22/1999

I ended up in a woman's house, who summoned me there. She showed me her art. She said she asks the painting what it wants her to paint. She said after many reincarnations people learn to create and develop their powers.

I have found through my own experiences and past life memories that this is true. We tend to pick up where we left off in our past life. Your passion in life becomes an expression of God. Developing your talent becomes a way of serving God.

We are all here to learn more about ourselves. In the end we will find that our identities are not separate from God, but are in fact one with God.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mary Magdelene and Her Beloved Christ

Jesus and Mary represent Adam and Eve, the first humans God created that are given a chance of redemption. In the garden, Genesis, Adam and Eve hide in shame from God. This is after both have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge.

In the New Testament Jesus is sent to redeem mankind and reunite his soul with the Christ Spirit, this is done to undo what happened in the Garden with Adam and Eve. Which is referred to as "The Great Fall."

Mary is Jesus's beloved disciple, who he kisses often and is by his side. Her devotion and compassion for her Christ takes her beyond humanly desires.

Mary has represented the individual sinner who has been redeemed. She at the crucifixion of Christ, shares his struggles, his pain. She has died into him, as Christ is dying on the cross. She yearns for knowledge, and has transformed herself thru a journey inward, making her way upward to a higher spiritual realm.

Mary begins to embody the mother of creation. The female aspect of God is Faith-Wisdom (his divine bride). The Holy Spirit is Divine Mother. Moments before he died Jesus said, "It is completed."

Reference~ Beloved Disciple, Robin Griffith-Jones

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Nature of Lonliness

Loneliness can be a catalyst for personal growth and healing. It is a time to discover your soul talents and reach out to others who are less fortunate. Relationships will manifest in your life once you invest in yourself. True joy can only be found within yourself and being of service to others with greater needs. Often times we suppress our talents in fear of what others might think. This often times can lead to depression. Suppressing our soul abilities can have a physical, emotional, and mental effect on us. The thoughts of your mind are the building blocks to your overall condition. Cultivating a spiritual life will lead to fulfillment. The relationship you foster with God will sustain you all through life. Go out and live your truth!

Reference ~Soul Mates by Edgar Cayce