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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Mindless

My reason leaps out of my head in pursuit of its existence.  It stops to smell the flowers, splash in the puddles, and dance in the rain.  How else will it know what delights itself?  Books are for the mindful full of themselves.  They will teach you nothing of existence.  The mindless know the secrets of existence and they will act like fools in the pursuit of it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bring The Knife

What is it I must submit to?  You come to me with a knife wanting to cut out my heart.  You tell me to give all or nothing.  I do so foolishly blinded by love.  If you were to ask me to sit and wait a hundred years for your coming, I would not move from this spot.  I would remain faithful and obedient- patiently waiting for you to bring the knife.

Monday, November 19, 2012

My Acts of Worship

My acts of worship delivered me to God.  No man can take shortcuts to be with God.  Throw yourself as a Beggar at His feet.  Do this everyday of your life and on one of your days of worship He will send you your Beloved.  The Presence of the Seeker becomes the Sought.  God revealing himself behind the eyes of both.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Am a Child

I am now seventy-four years old.  And yet I feel that I am an infant.  I feel clearly that in spite of all the changes I am a child.  My Guru told me; that child, which is you even now, is your real self.  Go back to that state of pure being, where the "I am" is still in its purity before it got contaminated with "this I am" or "that I am."  Your burden is of false self-identifications- abandon them all.  My Guru told me- "Trust me.  I tell you; you are divine.  Take it as the absolute truth.  Your joy is divine, your suffering is divine too.  All comes from God.  Remember it always.  You are God, your will alone is done."  I did believe him and soon realized how wonderfully true and accurate were his words.  I did not condition my mind by thinking: "I am God, I am wonderful, I am beyond."  I simply followed his instruction, which was to focus the mind on pure being "I am," and stay in it.  I used to sit for hours together, with nothing but the "I am" in my mind and soon peace and joy and a deep all-embracing love became my normal state.  In it all disappeared- myself, my Guru, the life lived, the world around me.  Only peace remained and unfathomable silence.

Reference~ The Teachings of the Hindu Mystics, Andrew Harvey

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Sun That Dispels Our Darkness

I have realized the Lord of Love,
Who is the sun that dispels our darkness.
Those who realize him go beyond death;
No other way is there to immortality.

There is nothing higher than him, nothing other
Than him.  His infinity is beyond great
And small.  In his own glory rooted,
He stands and fills the cosmos.

He fills the cosmos, yet he transcends it.
Those who know him leave all separateness,
Sorrow, and death behind.  Those who know him not
Live but suffer.

The Lord of Love, omnipresent, dwelling
In the heart of every living creature,
All mercy, turns every face to himself.

He is the supreme Lord, who through his grace
Moves us to seek him in our own hearts.
He is the light that shines forever.

He is the inner Self of all,
Hidden like a little flame in the heart.
Only by the stilled mind can he be known.
Those who realize him become immortal.

Reference~ Teachings of the Hindu Mystics

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Your Fullness

God concealed your fullness from me.  It was veiled from me until all my desires for you burned away.  What remained was pure.  Then I was able to see your beauty and my fullness in you.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Grief

God has blessed me with this grief.  I carry it as gold.  It is worth more than diamonds.  When I cry out to Him in my grief it falls upon His ears like sweetness.  Then He grants me a glimpse of Eternity.  My grief is the key to His door.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Poem- A Good Man or Lover

Are you a good man or a lover?
A good man is obedient to God.
A lover is reckless- willing to risk humility amongst his peers and disgrace of his name.

A good man is bursting with pride for all his works.
A lover humbles himself as a beggar at the Beloved's door.

A good man wants a straight path to salvation.
A lover knows salvation only through his sufferings and heart's longings.

A good man preaches the Word of God boosting about how well versed he is.
A lover's silence speaks intimately with the Beloved.

A good man is knowledgeable in all matters of the Spirit.
A lover is transformed into his Beloved's spirit and finds eternal rest.