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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Premonition of Woman in SUV

I work nights p/t as a caregiver. On March 29 I left for work at 9:50 pm. Before I left I noticed my dome light on in my 2004 Suburban. I asked my husband to turn it off for me because I couldn't get it to turn off.

When I left I got a block away and I felt kicking from behind me (as if someone was kicking my seat). It persisted to the point where I felt that someone was in my car with me. I pulled over and opened my door. The dome light now would not come on for me. It was hard to see anything behind my seat. I dismissed it as my imagination and got back in my car. The sensation of kicking continued. I thought to my self this is crazy! I then said ok God what ever is happening please make it stop, it's freaking me out!

Then scenarios began to play in my mind of what would I do if someone was hiding in my car? I thought to myself I'd honk my horn, put my windows down and scream. I'd do what ever it takes to get out of the car. It wasn't until I got to work 10 min. later I felt calm.

I didn't think twice about it until the next morning when I got home and turned the news on. And to my surprise a woman in a SUV two 1/2 hrs after my experience had a encounter with a man hiding behind her seat! I got goose bumps. The news report said she drove into oncoming traffic and got out of her car.

A premonition is defined as a type of prophecy consisting of a warning of a future event. It is characterized by sensations as anxiety, distress, and uneasiness. It tends to occur prior to disasters, accidents, deaths, and other emotionally charged events.

I've had premonitions before but nothing quite like this. I don't know why I felt what this woman must have felt. The newspaper article never gave her name. The eerie coincidence is that she drove a SUV too.

Police: Man kidnapped woman after hiding in SUV 3/30/10