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Saturday, May 15, 2021

An Unharboured Love


there is no woman quite like her
she is a subtle wind
and a quiet thought
she'll whisper with her soul
to you in your dreams
and it's there you'll
know her spirit
it's there you'll be forced
to see your own nakedness
you'll know exactly what you are
you'll know exactly how her love
undresses you
as her eyes reflect back
an unharboured, passionate love
she'll abandon all other lovers
to be with the one that's meant for her
but she won't wait for you to choose
she'll be fine without you
she'll keep moving forward in life
and doing so without ever looking back

Thursday, May 13, 2021

Catching Feelings with the Right One


in your forties
you have to be more careful
who you catch feelings with
you're at a place
in your life
where your time is valuable
and you know exactly
what you want and don't want
you've lived long enough
to know when someone
is full of it
and what's important to you
has changed drastically
since you've been married
and raising kids on your own
you want security
you want an authentic masculine
capable of nurturing your femininity
and mature enough to communicate
his needs
women like us
have had our fair share of boys
now it's a man we want
who really captures our heart
mind and soul

Sunday, May 9, 2021

The Door to a New Dimensions

remember the days

of fighting for peace and happiness 

wondering why does everyday

have to be a struggle

when you remove yourself 

from toxic people

toxic environments

it's amazing

how much better you feel

you realize just how closed

your chakras were

how your emotional body

was doing everything it could

to protect you 

it's like living in a place

that never gets sun and always rains

then one day the sun appears

and you are amazed

at its presence 

and how awesome you feel

this is what i've struggled with 

my whole life

believing i had to put up with negativity

when all i had to do was remove myself 

you can grow accustom to the dark 

and fear change 

facing your fears

opens doors

leading to new dimensions of life 

you never thought possible

take the first step

to free yourself

and the sun will greet you

i know 

because once i stepped

into the light

it illuminated

the darkness around me 

and everything

suddenly became possible 

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

All A Girl Wants


Some days my spirit is heavy.
I'll be thinking about all my failures and burdens, and sadness suddenly hits me.
I'm a good woman.
I've tried to make good decisions and live a life of integrity.
I've had to learn the hard way that people will take advantage of your goodness.
It saddens me now that I'm middle-aged and trust people less, question their motives, and feel I have to keep my guard up.
But if someone really wants to be a part of my life they'll understand.
They'll stick around because they'll see my heart and my worth.
They won't be turned off by my rough edges.
They'll see the softness behind my eyes and they'll know that I'm the kind of woman that will always have your back if you treat me right.
That's all a girl wants.. is to be treated right.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Life As A Twin Flame- The Fortunate Ones


For years I was the chaser pursuing you.

Writing my heart out and knowing intuitively that my words were reaching you.

For years I hoped you would respond and tell me I'm not crazy.

That I'm not alone.

That you are with me feeling what I'm feeling.. going through what I'm going through.

Back then, I needed to be validated.

I thought then I could put an end to my destructive thoughts that I had about myself.

I really believed I needed you to tell me my worth.

Through time I've learned that was just my own insecurities.

That was me avoiding self-acceptance through self-love.

I didn't want to look any deeper into myself and see the brokenness.. I knew I was broken but never dealt with the why part of it.

Divorcing a narcissist ripped open all those wounds at once.

I didn't even have time to process my pain.

I was forced to face my short comings, my downfalls, the broken parts of myself because what was happening to me was breaking me.

My world was shattering all around me as everything I valued was being stripped away.

I had no time to reflect on his actions because I was forced to ACT.

It forced me to be strong.

To be independent. 

To trust my intuition and control my fears.

To humble myself and ask God for help.

It forced me to become the woman that I was born to be.

My soul lesson I learned.

My karma I've paid.

No one has power over me.. not even you.

Consider this a positive.

I can speak my truth and what you do or don't do with it doesn't matter to me anymore.

And I can see clearly now that at some point on my spiritual path, I became too dependent on you.

I became obsessed with the dreams of you and the synchronicities that I lost sight of the One who should always be at my center.. God.

I started my journey twenty-five years ago with a longing to know God intimately.

There is no better way to know the Creator than through His creation.

You and I carry God's secret within us.

We're the fortunate ones.

We have been touched by the Presence of God in our lives.. knowing that divine love is all that exist and that our bond can never be broken.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Fire in a Woman's Belly- 5 Star Book Review


Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite

Grit. Raw. Explosive. Fear. Life is depicted not only in the words but in the written form within this book of poems. Madison Meadows displays the different elements of traumatic expressions that the reader will experience and feel when reading over thirty poems in The Fire in a Woman's Belly 1. This book reflects the push and pull of emotions that abuse causes to one's psyche. Abuse takes on several forms from mental to physical which leaves not only bruises but scars in different ways. Hear the voice of the author speak and expose the many women (and now men) suffering from the hurt, disrespect, and wounds of victims. This book creates a double-edged sword effect due to its transformation position of change. I love the poems in this book. Immediately you're hit with the passion of the author through the writing. I enjoyed the whole book but my favorites were The Crowd of Sorrows, Unwanted, Temporary Event, Fixed On God and I Miss Me. As the reader comes to the climax of the collection, Madison Meadows focuses on healing, release, hope, and self-love. While each of the poems tantalized my senses, as the author began to close this chapter of life, the poems A Lifetime of Healing from Narcissistic Abuse and The Fire in a Woman's Belly help to settle the spirit. Healing from abuse is a process and will take a while to overcome but with a book of poems of reflective expressions, you will see that you're not alone. The Fire in a Woman's Belly 1 is highly recommended.

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Monday, April 26, 2021

Already Worthy


For years I thought if I could just be ′′ enough ", maybe I'd finally deserve their love, care or friendship.
Thinking about it, I feel sorry for letting myself be used like a doormat, like a meaningless being.
I had to spend a long half of my life suffering in silence before I realized that just because I'm kind, gentle and caring doesn't mean I have to let people walk on me.
I've spent a large part of my life trying to shrink myself, taking up less space.
I don't talk much about my emotions because I don't want people to think I'm hypersensitive.
I don't want to be too demanding, sticky or opinionated.
I was afraid if people saw the real me they couldn't love me like this is how love was meant to be.
I repressed myself for years and pretended to be someone else.
I realized it wasn't my job to please anyone, to be less so they could be more.
We don't have to become someone else's expectation, a worthy human being because we are already worthy and we can't wait for them to recognize it because it doesn't really matter.
What matters is how we perceive ourselves, how we allow others to treat us.
We are allowed to be unpleasant to those who make us feel small.
We are allowed to defend ourselves if someone does not respect us.
We are allowed to let go of people who only bring negativity into our lives.
We are allowed to take as much space as we want and not apologize for it.
Seas, heavens and forests don't, nor should we.
We deserve to be celebrated, not tolerated. Ultimately, we finally have to choose ourselves and close the door where we were not appreciated at our worth.
~R Pathak