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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Cooling Pain


There's beauty in the world

That overshadows the ugliness

The traumas you've been through

That you thought you wouldn't live through

There's beauty that cools the pain

And when you see it (and I mean really see it)

It makes you want to cry

The most mundane things 

When seen with a new appreciation 

(That only someone who has been through a living hell can see)

Can cry tears of a different kind of pain

Caused by the beauty that one sees with a new awareness 

If you have experienced this

It's a breakthrough 

Trauma Pain leaving your body

And cooling pain taking it's place

Be open to receiving this type of pain

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

A Silent Revolution

On the surface of the world right now there is
war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,
something else is happening underground.
An inner revolution is taking place and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You won't see us on the T.V.
You won't read about us in the newspaper
You won't hear about us on the radio
We don't seek any glory
We don't wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes
in every country and culture of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,
in farms and villages, tribes, and remote islands
You could pass by one of us on the street
and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done
Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night
is where the real work takes a place
Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world
with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders come from the Central Spiritual Intelligence
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking
Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites
Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness...
Releasing grudges, letting go of judgments..
We each express ourselves in our own unique ways
with our own unique gifts and talents
Be the change you want to see in the world
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the
power of all the oceans combined
Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with its entire tectonic plates
shall be moved in the centuries to come
Love is the new religion of the 21st century
You don't have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings
Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you
We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have.
All are welcome
The door is open.
~Brian Piergrossi

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

When It’s Not Meant To Be


i always had a feeling
you weren't meant for me
not sure why that feeling
has always stuck
wish it weren't true
but then again
god does know best
so maybe i'm being spared
an unimaginable heartbreak 
or i'm simply meant to belong
to someone else 

Friday, November 12, 2021

Finding Your Centre In Love

Coming Back to Centre in a Relationship~~

In a long-term relationship, it is often necessary to get back to basics and come back to centre with each other.

Anyone in a long-term relationship knows that the dance of intimacy involves coming together and moving apart. Early in a relationship, intense periods of closeness are important in order to establish the ground of a new union. Just as a sapling needs a lot more attention than a full-grown tree, budding relationships demand time and attention if they are to fully take root. Once they become more established, the individuals in the union begin to turn their attention outward again, to the other parts of their lives that matter, such as work, family, and friendships. This is natural and healthy. Yet, if a long-term relationship is to last, turning towards one another recurrently, with the same curiosity, attention, and nurturance of earlier times, is essential.  

In a busy and demanding world full of obligations and opportunities, we sometimes lose track of our primary relationships, thinking they will tend to themselves. We may have the best intentions when we think about how nice it would be to surprise our partner with a gift or establish a weekly date night. Yet somehow, life gets in the way. We may think that our love is strong enough to survive without attention. Yet even mature trees need water and care if they are to thrive.  

One of the best ways to nourish a relationship is through communication. If you feel that a distance has grown between you and your partner, you may be able to bridge the gap by sharing how you feel. Do your best to avoid blame and regret. Focus instead on the positive, which is the fact that you want to grow closer together. Sometimes, just acknowledging that there is distance between you has the effect of bringing the relationship into balance. In other cases, more intense effort and attention may be required. You may want to set aside time to talk and come up with solutions together. Remember to have compassion for each other. You're in the same boat together and trying to maintain the right balance of space and togetherness to keep your relationship healthy and thriving. Express faith and confidence in each other, and enjoy the slow dance of intimacy that can resume between the two of you.


Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Dead End


every relationship she's been in
has been a dead end
promises from men
that were all broken
she's moved on
but with less trust
less optimism
her quiet suffering
for a man
that will just love her

Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Life As A Twin Flame: I Will Always Miss You


I remember the day I lost you. I remember exactly where I was and how suddenly the loss of you hit me. I was driving to work. A stupid old 80's love song was playing on the radio. I felt you in me… with me. Then the phone rang. It was Him. He said he talked to you and you denied any mutual feelings. Then you laughed it off.

My heart sank in my chest. I couldn't breathe. Nothing in that moment felt real. It was a fright that shook my soul. I was on a journey with you for nearly two decades.. the same amount of time I was married to Him. You both left me, abruptly, without warning or explanation.

I have always been a skeptic of love and for good reason! Always hoping that someone will love me and stick around 'til the end. Except when my destiny kindly reminds me otherwise.

I may never hear from your lips the truth. I will learn, in time, to be okay with that. I have to because I have to move on from you.. my past and everything that was just temporary. I'm not good with change but I'm getting better.. becoming more flexible and adaptable to whatever life brings me.

I will miss you and it will be a missing you always. No matter where I land in life, I will always be thinking about you in all the good ways.. remembering the rain that day and the safety I felt under your umbrella. Or that day on the river as I looked behind me to try to find you and to my surprise, you were right next to me.. I'll never forget the smile you gave me knowing you had caught me off guard. And yes, all the times I was frustrated with you because you never said anything to me when you had opportunities to do so.. even that memory makes me smile because it reminds me that what I felt for you was real and I'm 99.9% sure it was real for you too.

I'm a better person because of you. Don't ask me to explain how, I can't. There are no words for how your soul talked to mine or how you made me feel alive just standing next to you. It's a divine thing, magic, a ceremonious practice that our souls have memorized.

Our souls have crisscrossed many lifetimes… always we get caught up in the drama. I don't want any more drama. I just want to be genuinely loved by someone. You reminded me of my value. You gave me back my power that I so carelessly gave away to any man that said I love you. I've begun the journey back home to myself and I have you to thank. I will always feel a part of you in the most spiritual, natural way. There is no end for us. Just transformation, growth, and a deeper love that I know in my heart transcends time and space. Keep believing in yourself and I promise I will too.


Thursday, October 21, 2021

My Spirit Animal Visit: The Wolf


I was outside with my dog. It was around 9pm. Suddenly I see a large energetic animal walking through my yard towards me. I was startled. I watched it with intrigue as it moved closer to me. It was big! 

I reflected on this encounter and my mind went to my first encounter with my spirit animal, the wolf, back in 1997. I realized that the animal I encountered was again my spirit animal, the wolf. This time, however, he was big, strong, and powerful. It's like I was being shown how he's grown into his power and how he's moving now with a sense of purpose.

The wolf that I remember from twenty-plus years ago was starving and wild. It all reflects on my spiritual journey that began in my early 20's when I was starving for truth and my spirit was wild. I've tamed my spirit, learned my truth, and grown into my personal power. I'm ready for whatever is coming next in my life. It feels like I've entered a new season. The meaning below seems to coincide with how I was feeling at the time and reassures me that my instincts are very sharp and to trust myself moving forward.

Wolves are wild animals – they are beautiful creatures of mystery that cannot be domesticated.  

If a Wolf appears to you in a certain period of your life when you’re in doubt of the changes that are happening, it can be reassuring you that the path you’re taking is the right one and that you’re being loyal to your instincts.

Equally, if the Wolf presents itself in a moment in life where you feel stuck, it might be reminding you that you’re a free spirit, that you can deviate from whatever path you are currently on and become a ‘lone wolf‘ if necessary in order to pursue your dreams.

Wolf Spirit Animal (Meaning Explained) ⋆ LonerWolf by Mateo Sol