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Friday, June 11, 2021

Life As A Twin Flame: Blue Sapphire Orchids


Posted August 10, 2017
Posted August 10, 2017

From Journal Entry: July 29, 2017

I was at Safeway with a client. As we walked past the flowers, I saw the most beautiful orchids. I looked at the tag for the description and it said, Blue Sapphire. It instantly made me think of you and brought a smile to my face. Later that day, I started watching a new Netflix series, Longmire. The intro song was Transcendental Blues by Steve Earle. I got goose bumps. I instantly knew the sychronicities that day were no coincidence. 

So many thoughts of you were playing through my head during that difficult period in my life.

So many wounds I was stitching up and still am.

At times my thoughts of you felt so loud, I was sure you'd hear them and respond.

You must of heard them because the Universe sent me your message!

I've always held my own hand all through life supporting my heartaches.

I swear there have been times I felt your invisible hands touching mine.

The memory of you that summer day, blaring your loud music on your speakers of Steve Earle came flooding back. 

I can't tell you how many times I've played his songs, read his lyrics, and memorized them just so I could feel closer to you.

When I'm feeling sad, I will direct my thoughts to you.

It's the one thing that always works to calm my heart and mind.

The memories of you serve a purpose.. they stabilize me on my off days.

The sychronicities remind me that we are in alignment.. that you're in my heart space where I can always find you.

As for the blue sapphires, I choose the name Sapphire in my writings because of it's historical relevance to royalty (heaven's stone) and religious significance of nobility, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness.

I know you read my words.

Spirit has confirmed this in my soul.

I hope my writing has inspired you to live your truth and seek balance in your own life. #HighwayBlues

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Own It!


Own the fact that you are different.
Own that you are a deep feeler and thinker.
Own the fact that you are tuned into a different frequency.
Own and the fact that you sense things others don’t.
Own the fact that you want to talk about angels, energy, miracles and spirituality.
Own that you’re done having meaningless conversations.
Own that you’re done holding yourself back.
Own that you crave freedom to feel the now.
It’s ok if your family don’t get you.
It’s ok if the world judges you.
It’s ok that you want to dance barefoot upon the earth and endlessly gaze at the stars.
It’s ok that you cry over sunsets and chase moonbeams.
It’s wonderful in fact.
It’s beautiful.
You have come a long way to be who you are.
So own it.
Own all of it.
Love all of you.
The world needs you to be exactly as you are.
You hold the balance in this crazy world.
Author ~ Eryka Stanton

Friday, June 4, 2021

The Broken Power Couple


There are good men out there that are broken too.
They are working on themselves instead of getting caught up in destructive patterns of self hate.
They know drinking leads to cheating.. that cheating leads to lying.. that lying ends in divorce.
They are intentionally loving themselves back to whole... healing childhood wounds.
They are choosing to live more consciously.. more aware of the impact their words and actions have on others.
They are not looking for the perfect woman.
They know she doesn't really exist.
They've outgrown the fairytales.
They are looking for that woman who wears brokenness like a crown because she's a queen that's mastered herself.
And he's a king that doesn't mask his wounds.
He displays them with grace.
When these two meet and form a partnership they are a strong, fierce loving couple capable of enduring anything together.. capable of loving each other back to whole.

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Old Marriage vs. Twin Flame Love


What a time of transition we go through right now, transcending beyond old ways of togetherness.
If we look at the old marriage, there is one word describing so many relationships; control and the power of control, build upon solar plexus energy, vibrating on lower frequency of emotions.
A man and a woman meet with each other, marry, then you would believe, that the best foundation for love has been made, you would believe, that they would live happily ever after, some do, many do not.
Instead they build up ties with each other, they create dependency, addiction, obsession, ties are unhealthy for love to grow and flow.
Often finding more pleasure in buying things, than sharing Love.
There is often a struggle of power between the two of them, the ego desire for control, so instead of loving each other, they keep each other tied up in control, and love dies; control relationships are never build upon love, but upon dependency; the fear of being alone, not being loved, the belief that you are made whole by another human being.
Typically control matter is money; one of them holds the power over the other one, through money.
We know of the rich man marrying a younger woman, they both give each other outer power, he gives her status, she gives him masculine self-worth; as women have now become financial independent, they adopt the cultural status of men, marrying a young man and the scene is vice versa, still to my opinion imbalanced.
Another subject for control is sex, women often use sexual control to hold a man in power of ego desire; when he does certain things for her, she will allow for sexual pleasure; so unhealthy for love to flow.
Now we move from solar plexus emotion into deep feelings of the heart; we meet with Twin Flame Love.
When we meet, we still have the old baggage of control issues with us, we still remember our old ways of relationship, so of course we cannot change our ways of behavior over night, it is a process, in this process be a little gentle with yourself..and your Twin.
In the beginning of Twin Flame love, projection is used, which means one Twin see in the other faults, and believe these faults belong to the other one, while all the time it belongs to her/himself, and can never be described as faults....
Realizing this is an important step towards wholeness.
In meeting with your Twin Flame you will use, what you have learned in your old relationship, which is control, trying to hold control over the other one, checking up on the other one, being jealous, setting rules; all of the old ways will come to the surface to be cleared away.
That is why your Divine Guides give you separation times, to clear the old control baggage, clear the old lower ego emotions away; so treasure your separation times, for they are a true gift for both you and your Twin; do not feel sad, do not cry, do not cling to the other one, let the other one grow, give space for true love to grow.
In these separation times many seek a soul mate relationship, which I personally do not favor, for there is a risk, that you just transfer your old ways, instead of dissolving them and carry on with the control game of power; I know of course, that some also grow in soul mate relationships.
I believe that we have chosen times of solitude to grow into oneness with God in ourselves, for then we can share oneness in God with our Twin, being complete and whole; there is nothing wrong with being alone, for you do not have to feel lonely, you can in fact feel very happy and complete being with yourself, for you learn to love every aspect of yourself.
Your purpose is to meet with your Twin Flame, and many do, but it is also for your completeness, for in your completeness you can smelt into Divine Oneness with your inner Twin.. and then meet physically with your Twin Love and share the most amazing love story ever told in time.
Be happy for your blessed Twin Flame journey, look at yourself without judgment, love and embrace yourself, understand the process of leaving behind solar plexus emotions, surrender to your Sacred Heart.
In this process you are never alone, for your Twin Flame is always there is your heart to embrace and love you with Divine Love.
And notice, that you can never really be angry with your Twin Flame Love, no matter what happens, for the relationship is build upon pure love .. and it is not something bad, if your Twin Flame also loves others.
~ With Love

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Pain Wears You


She's tired of being strong.. doing it all, all of the time.

As a child she survived her mother and brother.

She’s still haunted by the screams of her mother cursing her.

She still dreams of her brother’s ghost coming after her in the house that gave her so much pain.

Her broken pieces are in the night shadows and behind the walls of her childhood bedroom.

The memories of all the wars fought in that house followed her when she left.

Escape was the plan.

But you can't escape from the wounds.. they follow you.

You can't pack them away and place them in storage for safe keeping.

Your pain wears you.

She figured this out right away.

From the music she picked to the overstated black wardrobe she admired.

She wore pain beautifully.. tattooed her story on unseen parts of her body.

She believed her story had purpose.. served her on her path.

Anyone who met her for the first time could feel her darkness and see the light hidden behind her eyes.. a mixture of safety and danger.

She didn't make friends easily.. yet everyone liked her.

They came to her for guidance.. for clarity and answers to the unknown.

Helping others fed her need to be needed.

It also made her felt seen.

She's grown now.. grown into a courageous, strong woman, but she's tired of carrying her pain.

Tired of feeling tied to it.

Tired of feeling no one really sees her.. like her true self is hiding in the shadows.. still that small, vulnerable girl that just wanted someone to love her, to hold her, to validate her worth.

She struggles everyday with loving herself but she's trying, not giving up.

If her pain has taught her anything, it's defined her immeasurable ability to withstand anything that life gives her.

It’s her armor.. her beauty.. her powerful declaration to the world, I Can Take Whatever Shit You Give Me!

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Lavender and Peppermint Tea


i love the smell
of lavender on my skin
the feel of the noon sun
warming my insides
the taste of hot
peppermint tea
soothing my
cravings for a peaceful
state of mind
it's the simple things
that bring comfort
to my soul
and remind me
that loving myself
should always come first

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

A Letter to my Reader: One Hell of a Ride!


Dear Reader,

  Recently I have been sharing dreams and synchronicities I have had with my twin flame over the years with you. I hope that my own experiences can shed some light on the complexity of the twin flame relationship. For me, it's been one hell of a ride! I've had two decades to process it and have come to a greater understanding of the nature of God and the universe we live in.

   I experience my twin flame energetically. This is not a physical relationship and never has been. I want to make this very clear because there is something to this whole chastity thing that religions talk about, that nuns and monks live by and vow. I don't take the twin flame label lightly. Until you have suffered greatly, and felt like you've gone completely mad, experienced the Dark Night of the Soul, and awakened the Kundalini, then and only then, will you know what it means to be a twin flame. 

   Twin flames raise the vibration of the collective consciousness. Upon meeting, twin flames remember their 5D connection. It vibrates through their whole system. Since the connection is energetic, twin flames communicate through dreams, synchronicities, and telepathy. When together, they vibrate at a higher frequency and have access to the higher realms. There's pain when in separation until they process it and remember their divinity. The purpose of the twin flame relationship is to uplift humanity, break down social norms, and reshape the human mind due to conditioning. Twin flames teach us new ways to love and open us up to higher realms. 

  If you are on a twin flame journey, you're in for a ride! You're not alone. I assure you. Keep your heart open. Keep your mind open. And most importantly give forgiveness to your twin. Your twin flame is going to piss you off. They are going to run and betray you. They are going to bring out all your defects so you can grow and evolve in your humanity. This is a good thing. And one last message that I heard recently and really resonated with me is this, Your light belongs to the World, not you.

XX Madison