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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mary Magdelene and Her Beloved Christ

Jesus and Mary represent Adam and Eve, the first humans God created that are given a chance of redemption. In the garden, Genesis, Adam and Eve hide in shame from God. This is after both have eaten from the Tree of Knowledge.

In the New Testament Jesus is sent to redeem mankind and reunite his soul with the Christ Spirit, this is done to undo what happened in the Garden with Adam and Eve. Which is referred to as "The Great Fall."

Mary is Jesus's beloved disciple, who he kisses often and is by his side. Her devotion and compassion for her Christ takes her beyond humanly desires.

Mary has represented the individual sinner who has been redeemed. She at the crucifixion of Christ, shares his struggles, his pain. She has died into him, as Christ is dying on the cross. She yearns for knowledge, and has transformed herself thru a journey inward, making her way upward to a higher spiritual realm.

Mary begins to embody the mother of creation. The female aspect of God is Faith-Wisdom (his divine bride). The Holy Spirit is Divine Mother. Moments before he died Jesus said, "It is completed."

Reference~ Beloved Disciple, Robin Griffith-Jones