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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Lover and The Beloved: Remembrance Is The Key

The Lover's doubt grew over the years because of the Beloved's absence. The Beloved reminds the Lover, through the heart-opening, of His nearness.

"Do you know the meaning of self extinction? Did your form not disappear into the world without forms? Were you not intoxicated by the Beloved's wine? Remembrance is the key to my presence."

When the Beloved and the Lover escape the world of the five senses, they experience an expansion of being that is a restfulness and stillness- that only God, Himself, can reveal to the lovers.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sapphire's Letter To Layla: Lend Me Your Ear

Dearest Layla-

You do not guard your thoughts well, for I know the ill thoughts you harbor towards me. What grounds is your vile opinion of me based upon? This only saddens me. I do understand your pain. Not only do I understand your pain, I feel it! 

For generosity's sake lend me your ear, so the hearts of our loved ones may heal. Oh, how I wish we could truly communicate with one another so we could dissolve both of our fears. We would feel better (all involved). A united party is a mercy from God!

Open your eyes! This is bigger than you and I. Don't you see? Don't let your jealousy blind you. You have a voice, so use it! Write down your feelings and give them form. Do you not see your worth? Do you not clearly see your role in your own life? And in mine? 

Silently I remain in the shadows and I smile in the face of adversity. Do not trust the smile I hide behind. My soul's distress remains hidden from a world deprived of salvation. Will you be my salvation? My water? Or will my tale remain in this world cloaked in mystery? 



Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Remove the Veils

How many veils separate you from me Beloved? Is not God the creator of the veils and the sight? My soul is on fire and you just sit there staring at the flames! When will you let my love consume you? When will you join the flame and dance in freedom? What keeps us apart are the many veils. Remove the veils and reveal Eternity!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Gandhi on Prayer

~Prayer is the very core of life. Prayer is either petitional or in its wider sense is inward communion. In either case, the ultimate result is the same. Even when it is petitonal, the petition should be for the cleansing and purification of the soul, for freeing it from the layers of ignorance and darkness that envelope it. The one who hungers for the awakening of the divine within must fall back on prayer. But prayer is no mere exercise of words or of the ears; it is no mere repetition of empty formula. Any amount of repetition of God's name is futile if it fails to stir the soul. It is better in prayer to have a heart without words than words without a heart. It must be in clear response to the spirit which hungers for it. And even as a hungry person relishes a hearty meal, a hungry soul will relish a heart-felt prayer. Without prayer there is no inner peace.

~Prayer is not an asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is a daily admission of one's weakness. The tallest among us has a perpetual reminder of his nothingness before death, disease, old age, accidents, etc. We are living in the midst of death. What is the value of "working for our own schemes" when they might be reduced to nothing in the twinkling of an eye, or when we may be equally swiftly and unaware be taken away from them? But we may feel strong as a rock, if we could truthfully say, "We work for God and God's schemes." Then all is as clear as daylight. Then nothing perishes. All perishing is then only what seems. Death and destruction have "then, but only then," no reality about them. For death or destruction is then but a change. An artist destroys his picture for creating a better one. A Watchmaker throws away a bad spring to put in a new and useful one. 

~We may miss many things in life but not prayer, which implies our cooperation with God and with one another. Prayer should be a bath of purification for the spirit of humanity. Physical health suffers if we do not wash our bodies; similarly the spirit becomes unclean if the heart is not washed with prayer. Please therefore never be negligent in prayer. 

Reference~ Mohandas Gandhi Essential Writings by John Dear

Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Hollow Reed

Dreams visit me
and symbols emerge
time stands still
what is empty space
is transformed within me

Emerging from sleep
shapes take form
with the touch of ink
on a blank papyrus

A hollow reed
of creativity -expression-
expressing the invisible form

Monday, May 9, 2016

My Story- Mother's Day

My daughter's artwork, 8 yrs
My children remind me to see the world as a constant play (creation) taking place all around and within. As they create art and act out their own stories, they remind me of my own divinity, my soul, that is pure and innocent- always seeking expression.

My daughter loves to express her thoughts and feelings through art. Often she writes me letters and draws me pictures. She crafts different ideas onto paper of all the things she loves. They become her own unique expressions on her view of the world and all the things in it.

My son is an old soul. In the past he has given me messages in dreams. At the age of six, he was walking with me in a dream. It happened to be my childhood home. As we were walking he said, "The fact you have fortification is the song."
To fortify something is to strengthen it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. To make strong against attacks.
My son, 12 years

 My son wrote this to me on Mother's Day. It brought me to tears. It reads, "Michelle, loving, caring, supportive. Who enjoys reading, her family, and writing. Who feels the need to read and write. Who wonders if there's more to life than what we realize. Who fears nothing. Who cares about her family and god. Who is able to read and write very good. Who dreams about the future."

Saturday, May 7, 2016


He doesn't see my wounds-
my bleeding heart
The time I've put into
keeping us together and not apart
Or the tears I've cried
to try and shed my pain
The days I've lost
with no heart's gain
The children I bore him
out of love
The sacrifices I've made
to try and rebuild our trust
The years go by
and I live inside this pain
Of brokenness
and his buried shame

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Gnostics on The Holy Spirit (Ghost)- The Virgin Mary

I wanted to follow up on a YouTube video I recently posted titled, Dream: Ghosts/Developing the Five Bodies of Soul. I started reading a book about the Virgin Mary and since I study Gnostics I saw the connection that she has with the Holy Ghost. For me this wasn't a coincidence, but God revealing something deeper and meaningful to me.

Gnostics refers to the Holy Spirit with Sophia, Wisdom, and Wisdom was considered female. The Virgin Mary (Sophia) is associated with the purified astral body. At the moment of illumination this cleansed, purified astral body retains none of the impure impressions of the physical world, but only the organs of perception of the spiritual world, and is then called the "pure, chaste, wise Virgin Sophia." When the person thus illuminated has received the Holy Spirit unto himself, he permits the voice of Spirit to speak through him. The inner being is opened fully to the spiritual world of the Higher Self.

The church of the Holy Spirit is the church of the heart. The fires of the heart control the Kundalini. The key of redemption is found in the union of the man and female in the mystical sexual act. Love is nourished with love; the kiss is the mystical consecration of two souls who adore each other. Self-realization is impossible without the magic of love.

Blessed be love, blessed be the beings who adore each other. 

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