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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Way I Address You

The way in which I address you depends upon where you are.  If you are very near, I can whisper.  If you are across the table, I can speak.  If you are upstairs or just outside, I can shout.  If you are too distant to hear (even to overhear) my voice, I can write.  And in the illusion peculiar to written address, the condition of your absence (the condition of my writing) conjures a presence more intimate than a whisper.

Reference~ Emily Dickinson

Friday, June 19, 2015

My Journey's End

The years go by and my heart races towards you-
anticipating your arrival,
anticipating the shyness in your eyes,
anticipating the subtle smile of love's tenderness,
anticipating the silence that even the wind recognizes as soul love.
As the years go by my heart races towards you-
to meet you at my journey's end.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


My sadness does not subside.  The harshness of love severs my heart.  My gentleness towards myself abandons me.  He says he is bored of my state and wants severity. 
I begged and pleaded for him to stay.  He grinned and replied, "Severity is a faithful companion and will never abandon you."

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Lover and The Beloved- Part 6

~ 'Say, O Fool, hast thou riches?'  He answered: 'I have my Beloved.'  'Hast thou villas, castles or cities, provinces or kingdoms?' He answered: 'I have thoughts of love, tears, desires, trials, griefs, which are better than kingdoms or empires.'

~ 'Say, O Fool, which of these knows the more of love- he that has joys or he that has trials and griefs?'  He answered: 'There can be no knowledge of love without both the one and the other.'

~ 'Say, O Fool, why defendest thou Love when it thus tries and torments thy body and thy soul?'  He answered: 'Because it increases my worth and my happiness.'

~ For one day the Lover ceased to remember his Beloved, and on the next day he remembered that he had forgotten Him.  On the day when it came to the Lover that he had forgotten his Beloved, he was in sorrow and pain, and yet in glory and bliss,- the one for having forgotten Him, and the other for the joy of the remembrance.

~ The Lover was like to die of joy, and he lived by grief.  And his joys and torments were mingled and united, and became one and the same thing in the Lover's will.  And for this cause the Lover seemed to be living and dying at one and the same time.

~ They asked the Lover: 'What thing is farthest from thy heart?' He answered: 'Indifference.' 'And why so?'  'Because nearest to my heart is love, which is the contrary of indifference.'

Reference~ Book of the Lover and the Beloved, Ramon Lull

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Line of Unbelievers

How long is the line of unbelievers from our door?  They have in vain searched the world for treasures.  All the treasures fill their houses but can not fill their souls.

Some desire the wine of the Beloved.  Some only desire to lay traps and rob us of our treasure.  Such men and women are filled with jealousy.  

Our eyes must be refined to judge accordingly; our ears tuned to discern truth; our mouths quickened to guide the earnest ones.