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Monday, June 29, 2020

Sapphire's Letter to Arion: No Goodbye

darling, have i lost you? i no longer feel your presence in me. where did you go? you stuck around long enough for me to reclaim my power and left without a goodbye. it's not like you. funny how now i feel stronger than ever now that i'm on my own. maybe you lent me some of your masculine energy. maybe one day you'll return and i can give it back to you. i miss my softness, my vulnerability i let you see. if i ever am lost in this world again, i hope you'll come find me to bring me back to myself like you have many times before.
the world is rapidly changing and i can't keep up. how i hope it adds to your wellbeing and your life is unfolding to your wishes and command. if not, may it be so!


Sunday, June 21, 2020

Shining Lights

tell your children
they can do the impossible
tell them
they can be anything
build them up
when they feel torn down
remind them
they are little souls
with the power of the divine within
teach them
self respect
and respect for all living things
teach them
how to be alone
let them
be wild
let them
so they can learn from their mistakes
prepare them
to trust themselves
prepare them
to be tough
but gentle at heart
tell them
often you love them
tell them
they are capable of anything
and when they're grown
keep reminding them
you're there for them
keep reminding them
they are souls
with a divine purpose
and one day they will awaken
to this truth
one day
they will be a star
in a world that desperately needs
their light

Leaving For Good

now you're boxing up your life
ready to move on
and ready to let go
of his memory for good
yes it took you some time to do this
but you did it on your own terms
the heart doesn't know when to let go
the mind does
there's always a battle after seperation
don't let anyone tell you
how much time you need
you did it
you've arrived
in your own time
and you're leaving for good
that takes courage
don't forget how brave you are
don't forget you can do anything!

Resurrecting Love

sure she comes across cold
and heartless
but don't judge her
she's been through a relationship hell
she's a survivor
and a lover
to the right man
that knows how to treat her
to him
she is his softness, security, and warmth
she is someone that is indispensable and valuable beyond mesure
she is someone you will easily warm up to
so don't judge her
because like all the rest of us
we know
losing love is devastating
but finding it again

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

An Unforgettable Kiss

good things take time
like a kiss
when it's rushed
something may get missed
details are important
studying your lover's eyes
before he kisses you
adds to the potency of the kiss
him holding you close
and breathing in your scent
adds to the intensity of the kiss
it's no longer just a kiss
it's a way into someone
that allows you to feel connected
moments like this are created by you
when you're not rushing a good thing