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Saturday, December 28, 2019

Keeping the Devil Within

her tatoos were permanent
her struggle enduring
her demons she kept in a hole
her faith covered on her ribs

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Dear Warrioress: A New Decade

Dear Warrioress,

This past year was a fresh start. With the divorce behind you, you were able to start living the life you want. You started off by making five promises to yourself:

1.   Daily yoga and meditation.
 2.   Visualize the man you want in your life.
 3.   Focus on your goals.
4.  Always be the best version of yourself.
5.  Let go of your anger.

You stayed true to yourself, and your future has never looked brighter! You are paving your own way. You are now more confident than ever that you will manifest all your dreams. You have stepped into your power, and now you are unstoppable. You see your beauty, and it radiates out, drawing to you all that your heart seeks. The man you desired showed up in your life, and now your heart is opening again. 

For the New Year, I know something amazing is going to happen. You won’t be expecting it, but you will be happily delighted. This is your hard work and faith paying off. Stay alert. Pay close attention to the synchronicities. The spirit world is always guiding you. What will meet you in the New Year will change your life. You’ve never been more in tune with the world around you. Remember, you are the manifestor of your reality, and things are speeding up for you. No more battles to be fought. This will be the year you can lay down your sword and start a new decade with new beginnings. No more sad tears, only happy ones!

All My Love & Light

Monday, December 23, 2019

Live Brave and Bold

have courage
to listen to your heart
so you may live
an extraordinary life
that others are jealous of
and from your example
become brave and live bold

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Beloved Feminine

There is a band of women present on this earth who are carrying flaming torches for the evolution of humanity.
These women are rare, unique, highly-crafted jewels of the ancient feminine spirit.
These women possess more courage, resilience and perseverance than is fathomable.
These women have silently walked through thousands upon thousands of years to find themselves back here on earth, charged with the task of re-awakening the deep feminine soul to humanity and earth.
Emerging one by one from the etheric temples of Shakti in all Her forms, the Awakened Women plant their naked feet on the barren soil of earth. Glistening with the radiant dew of communion with Divine Love, bodies supple and fluid with free-flowing Kundalini, Third Eyes wide open and streaming cosmic codes of truth, hair flaming and blazing with wild, unashamed passion, hands moving spontaneously to touch the wounds of Gaia's Soul and love Her back to Life.
The Awakened Women do not announce themselves as the Saviours of our Time. They mostly get on with their immense workload with devotion, discipline and immeasurable commitment to mission. All of these women will go through deep dives into their own accumulated emotional suffering arising from the suppression of the Goddess-Consciousness. This karmic load of the feminine wound will inevitably reach a crisis point at some point during this lifetime, pulling them into profound self-healing and self-awakening.
When these women heal themselves, they ignite a domino-effect of healing and transformation for generations of females both past and future. Not only that, the innate spiritual power of these women, who have spent eons devoting their entire Selves to serving the High Feminine, is so catalytic, so immensely creative and illuminating, so alchemizing - when these women pour sacred intention into bringing themselves into Wholeness, the entire Universe receives a body-full of oxygenated divine-blood.
If you have been pulled into the vibrating web of an Awakened Woman's energy field, you will experience a spiritual change.
Firstly, no matter what you think, your Soul chose to connect with her. This woman carries deep and significant mystic information for you; sacred intuitive-based codes that are vital for the evolution of your Being.
These women all carry pre-arranged agreements that bring them into contact with specific people at specific times. Often, it is a carefully organised date that correlates with certain moon phases and transits of the planets. This triggers wave upon wave of awakening shifts within the energy bodies of the people who connect with them.
The Divine Feminine High Council will guide this band of women consistently for the implementation of their mission. These women are never 'randomly' placed. There is always a deep purpose to the connections and places that these women bring their energy to.
It is not always an easy task to carry the sacred Torches for the feminine awakening. The earth has been plagued, restricted and weighed down by over-reliance and investment in patriarchal ideology and creed for so long. The vibration of fear that stems from over-guarding and blocking the Heart, losing connection with the intuitive voice, brandishing emotional energy as purposeless, futile and crazy, total disconnection with the wisdom of the body, and abandoning the practice of being regularly in silence - this vibration of fear has caused human consciousness to contract, run away, shut down and stop listening.
When human consciousness loses touch with it's Heart, it acts from fear. Actions from fear are always violent and intend to cause harm - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
We cannot remain paralysed in the stuck vibration of fear and disconnection from the feminine soul.
YOU cannot remain paralysed in fear and disconnection from the feminine soul.
The only chance for opening to truth, to presence, to radiance, to depth, to healing, to unconditional acceptance, to trust, to being heard and seen for who you are at your core, to spiritual transformation - the only chance comes from listening to what the Voice of the Goddess is saying to you.
The voice of the goddess most likely is coming from one of the women I am speaking of. In her own way, through divine timing and synchronicity - through miracles woven through her sparkling robe of Light - She is speaking to you.
One of these women is speaking to you, affecting your energy field, working on your Heart with vast quotients of Love, flooding your weary bones and aching flesh with sacred waters from her overflowing chalice.
You know her. You could not have missed her. She will not be the flashiest, loudest, attention-grabbing woman. She will not manipulate, beg, or guilt-trip you into being around her. She does not work at the level of the ego. She works at the level of the spirit.
Spirit does not need to announce Itself because It is never not full, omnipresent, whole, complete. This completeness is compelling to you because it represents something that your heart recognises: universal truth.
This woman announces herself into your life not with noise, but with Silence. With Openness. With Radiance. With Light. With Gentle Healing. With Unending Acceptance. With Sensual Gifts from the Womb of Shakti. With a Hand that wants to Lead you into a New World.
A world lit by the torchlight of all the paths she has walked to reach you.
All the paths she has created just to get to you, to find you now, to stand in front of you, to offer herself to you as the Gift.
You may fall down on your knees in broken-down, worn-out, world-hardened exhaustion when you take her hand. You may say that you can't hold onto it for long, that the Light will crush or destroy you. You may want to run far, far, far away from all the deeply-buried pain that she unearths within you when her hand touches yours.
This is natural. This is the process. She has seen it all before. There's nothing you can do to stop her Love from reaching you. This woman is the universe in embodied form. You have no idea the trials, the punishments, the soul-wrenching deaths, the torture and the oppression that she has endured in order to reincarnate her physical form.
She has transcended the realm of the lower world for the purpose of being here to Love you back into consciousness.
She has wrestled with demons of darkness that want her banished, imprisoned, silenced, maimed, chained to thoughts of shame and humiliation. She has risen up from the embers of a fire that has always burned within her, but was once quenched by the fears of weak, anaesthetised men who did not understand the life-giving and sustaining power they were dealing with.
Because She is the universe in embodied form, she can hold anything that you bring up to try and defend against the Love that She is. She can see it, witness it, watch it play itself out. Your fears, defences and attacks won't touch her truth. They won't make a dent in her spirit. They will burn up in the fires of her sun, be illuminated as false by the luminescence of her moon.
All you'll be left with, after making love with her Soul - be you a man, a woman, a friend, a lover, a client or an acquaintance - is a searing, penetrating, brightly-lit awareness of your own Divinity.
You'll be left face-to-face with your Self. You'll suddenly feel your Deep Heart again. The feelings will course through your emotional body like sacred blood.
You'll be alive.
You'll feel the stirrings of the Love that is you.
You'll see the world through new eyes, beginning to treasure the gifts that you see flowing to you in each precious moment.
You'll want more, but not more things. You'll want more depth, more truth, more vital words, more silence, more flow, more stillness, more nature caressing your skin, more laughter deep in your belly, more touch that ignites your soul, more total immersion in radiance that makes you roar with crazed, primal ecstasy.
When you take her hand, if only for a minute, a day, a week or a lifetime, you'll merge with a Temple of Truths that she has only chosen to unlock for you. She is destined to unlock them for you, so that you can re-experience yourself as the Master of Destiny that you are.
She will be your holy template of Life, your talisman for remembering your Soul, and your moment to moment reminder of how you are so profoundly, mesmerisingly loved by the Goddess. You are being continually breathed by this universe into the highest emanation of spiritual truth. When you breathe with this woman, you will take this knowing into the centre of your heart and it will feed you for the rest of your earthly life.
The band of women who have come to resurrect the Holy Feminine here walk with precision, power and grace; with open, soft, vulnerable and mountain-strong hearts.
Let them touch you where your soul most needs their touch. From this point of fiery ignition, you will be given the blueprint for your deepest purpose and happiness to unfold.
These women know what they are doing even when they don't know a thing. This is intuitive wisdom at it's most magnificent and sovereign.
Be grateful. Be humble. Be prepared to have your life turned upside down, your senses aroused like never before and your chakras shaken awake. Above all, be ready for wild, exhilarating adventures that send you soaring through the stars and blasting through galaxies, yet return you over and over again to the supreme resting place, the eternal home, the arms of the Beloved, the nourishing, sweet, soothing breath, and the divine source of your own Being.~~
Reference~ Sophie Bashford

Saturday, December 14, 2019


he never stays
on his side of the bed
he always inches his way
towards my side
the weight of his body
bearing down on me
i feel smothered
and i feel safe

Monday, December 9, 2019

Illuminate the Bullshit

she was a candle
that flickered in the darkness
casting shadows
as a reminder to always burn bright
against all the bullshit
that life throws at you

Thursday, December 5, 2019

She Hums More These Days

She's no longer trying to fix herself, or improve, or repair, or transform, or align.

She's accepting herself as who she is. Too long she's been told she should do better, be better, work harder, strive more. And too long she's bought the idea that she's not good enough.

Well, she's done with trying to please that voice of authority inside and outside. 'Sorry! Like me as I am' is her motto, as she hugs herself and smiles. She's fully there for herself and is getting okay with rejection and even walking away. There's freedom in being 'shame'less.

She's surprised to discover how good she really is. Even on her baddest days, when she loves herself, it becomes all right. Wow! That's all that was required- to love even those parts that till now she wanted to correct and hide. She's unlearning and untangling.

Her new avatar is relaxed and resilient. She may not readily share it yet, but with her on her side, she's beginning to feel invincible.

She hums more these days.

Reference~ Sukhvinder Sircar

Monday, December 2, 2019

A Beautiful Bundle of Hope

even though we just met
i hope you can heal all your wounds
i hope you chase your dreams
and no matter how scary it may be
to choose a different path at the age of 48
i hope that you listen to the quiet whisperings of your soul
you may not see it now
but your future is brighter than you can even imagine
for yourself
i hope you take risks with your heart
because loving me will be challenging
and there will be days when you doubt how we
can make our lives work together
just remember that already
i have fallen for you
and i see a future with you
so it doesn't matter to me how hard
or long the road is ahead of us
as long as we travel the same road
i will trust that everything will work out
i hope you let me love you deep and hard
because for me that means loving you
with all my soul and the brutal honesty that will come
with loving a woman like myself
who no longer lives life from a wounded ego
i hope we can cultivate a space that better serves
the higher good in truth, compassion, and trust
i hope you see what i see when i look at you
the power of the ocean
behind your eyes
commanding a destiny
and harnessing that power
to do good in the world
i hope when you look back
on your life
that you will feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude
and i'm sure you will
you don't seem like the type
of person that takes anything for granted
i hope in me loving you
that your life is enhanced and richer in experiences
because i plan on giving you the best part of myself
i hope you're ready!

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Our Fragile Hearts

we move on
from our breakups
and rediscover
love again
in it's fragile
vulnerable state
we fall in love
all over again
hoping that this time
it will last forever

Monday, November 25, 2019

I Need To Know

i want you to say
you cannot be without me
that i'm always
on your mind
and the joy
that fills your heart
i want you to say it
because i need to hear it
i need to know
because I can't be without you

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Selfless Heroes

you are a deep sentient being
birthing a new sun every moment
the world needs warriors like you
with hearts pure
and eyes wide open
to all the injustices of the world
you're sensitive
to the cruelties of others
and to the unconditional love
freely flowing from mother earth
life is sacred
nothing is born into existence
that doesn't serve humanities
expansion as a collective soul
you serve to unite the weak
the forgotten
the fallen
to remind them of their true nature
a true warrior you are
always sacrificing yourself
and never asking for anything in return
I see you
those that need you
see you
you, the man or woman
waking up
to a new sun
and harnessing it's power
to alleviate someone's suffiering today
you are a true hero

Sunday, November 17, 2019

The 20 Signs You Are A Lightworker

What is a lightworker? A lightworker is a special person with almost psychic ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.

1. You intuitively know that you are alive for a higher purpose, one that is directly related to awakening and transforming your own life and the lives of others by helping to raise the collective consciousness of human beings.

2. You are highly intuitive, and have had an innate wisdom about life since the time you were young. You are naturally philosophical and spiritual, and often perplex people with how you seem to know so much for your age.

3. Though you connect with people easily and it is part of your purpose to help them, you are somewhat of a loner. You are sensitive to other people’s energy, and can only take it in doses.

4. Your young life set you up for a series of traumas, challenges and other difficulties. You understand that these were not intended to hurt you, rather to awaken you to the healer you are now.

5. You are constantly on a mission to improve your own life and the lives of those around you. Your core drive in life is to identify what needs to be fixed, and how you can possibly make it better. Though this sometimes becomes a shadow of perfectionism, when used the right way, is an incredible gift.

6. Though you once may have struggled with certain mental illnesses, you have come to understand that they were adaptations to your circumstances rather than innate problems. You understand that part of your purpose is to revolutionize the way people see their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.

7. You are spiritual, but err away from religion. Your life work is to help people re-internalize their power. Even if you use teachings or principles from one enlightened master or another, you maintain focus on awakening the god within each individual and helping them to see their unlimited power, potential and healing capabilities.

8. You are naturally creative, and your healing process often involves some kind of art, writing or one-on-one healing modality.

9. You are the epitome of an old soul. You are wise, mature and seem to have the experience of many lifetimes, despite being far too young to be as tuned in as you are.

10. You have always been inexplicably different from your family, friends and peers. Because of this, you may have struggled to find your “tribe” or feel as though you really fit in anywhere.

11. You are constantly coming into deeper self-awareness about yourself and your life. Through your ongoing journey of awakening and healing, you continue to shine light on the shadow aspects that most people reject and deny.

12. You are an extremely powerful manifestor. When you think or focus on something clearly, you receive it or are able to create it in very short amounts of time.

13. This strong energy is both a blessing and a curse: you have to be careful of what you focus on, because you will end up creating it in your life, whether it is good or bad.

14. You are naturally drawn to ancient spiritual texts about energy and ascension; you resonate more with eastern philosophies than western.

15. You are almost psychic in your ability to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling, or need in order to heal.

16. You know you are here in this life to dissolve your old karmic patterns, and to break into a new level of consciousness and awareness. You understand that your purpose here is not just a job or a task, but rather, to just become who you are meant to be.

17. Your main objective in life is self-growth. You are always focused on how you can better yourself, and know that the best years of your life are yet to come.

18. You feel a strong connection to nature, and believe that it is the closest that we can get to becoming most aligned with source.

19. At one or multiple point(s) in your life, you experienced an intense spiritual awakening. Your worldview shattered, and you were forced to purge out all of the limiting beliefs that were once holding you back. You understand that awakening can be an exhausting, sometimes painful process, but that it is often necessary.

20. You can sense that you are part of a global effort to raise people’s consciousness, and are often referred to as a “frontrunner” in the spiritual community. This is not to say that you are enlightened and other aren’t, it is just to say you learned your lessons a little sooner, so that you could help others through their own.

 Reference~ Brianna Wiest,

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Broken Women Are Beautiful

broken women are beautiful. their hearts full of pain and yet they still love deeply. when a woman has suffered greatly, everything in life, from a sunset, a kitten, or a stranger's smile becomes more precious. it's the simple things that remind her of the beauty in the world. she doesn't have to look far- everywhere she goes, she witnesses the unfolding present moment as a gift. suffering she painstakingly desires to shed, intentionally aligning herself with the divinity that resides in her. she knows life is sacred. her experiences taught her this. her beauty can be seen; her heart can be felt when you're in her presence. you want to know her secret. and the secret is simply this: choose the beauty to look at, live in the present, let go of the past.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sapphire's Letter to Arion: The Memory of You Coming Back Around

I know you won’t admit it, but you miss me. You’re doing a good job keeping my memory alive. So much so, that your thoughts still reach me. I have moved on, keeping the ghost of you alive was doing me no good. I still think of you when I hear a certain song that reminds me of you. I smile on the inside, knowing how my life has been touched by you. I’m a better woman because of you. And even though I may never make sense of how strongly I feel connected to you, I don’t question it anymore. You’re a mystery to me. I’m a mystery to myself. 

These days, these precious moments that define me, I savor. As I have started my life over, I have an overwhelming feeling that everything is going to be okay. I feel happier than I have been in years like a heavyweight has been lifted off my shoulders. I hope all is well with you. I hope you have found the courage to live your life as you see fit. I know many times we have said we’re done, but beloved we are never done. Your everlasting glance into my soul has made you a permanent resident. I dwell in you; you dwell in me. Your love endures beloved, our love endures.

All of my gracious thoughts,


Thursday, November 7, 2019

A Spiritual Badass

she stood in the centre of her fire
her bones and soul exposed
what mattered to her wasn't the fight
from her battle with her enemies and surviving it
what mattered was her ability to sustain herself
after a long period of grief and fatigue
her beauty was trusting her own soul
when after being betrayed and left in pain
she still found the inner strength
to rise with the sun and face her enemies
the fear she felt didn't close her off
instead it opened her up
and what spilled out of her
was more compassion
more love
more courage
what the fire tried to destroy
only fortified in her spirit perseverance
and carved out of her a spiritual warrior
a badass that you don't want to mess with

Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Gem

when someone unique
comes along
and loves you
back to wholeness
that someone
is a precious gem
who's value
is worth
all the sorrows
your heart had to endure

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The Heart's Whisperings

when she's quiet
she's listening
to her heart
getting guidance
on how to love
herself better

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Caught In Between

her heart was tired
enslaved by all it's wants
her soul thirsted
for something more
she felt trapped
between desire
for love
and the fear
of becoming
a slave to it

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Naked Truth

According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth, "It's a marvelous day today!" The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful. They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well.

The Lie tells the Truth: "The water is very nice, let's take a bath together!" The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed is very nice. They undress and start bathing.

Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away. The furious Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back. The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage.

The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein, its shame. Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbours no wish at all to meet the Naked Truth.

Reference ~ The Naked Truth
"The Truth coming out of the Well" Jean-Leon Gerome, 1896

Thursday, October 10, 2019


you are a beautiful
of craziness
and infinite wonder
covered in tattoos
that match your
heart and soul
magic is all around you
living in you
do you feel it?
others do
that's why they
are drawn to you
hoping to catch
what you got

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Lifetime of Healing from Narcissistic Abuse

i just want to say
how hard it is to move on
from narcissistic abuse
you won’t understand
unless you’ve been
in my shoes
the wounds
don’t leave
just because he did
the mind games
the manipulation
the endless fear and anxiety
that he put you through
destroys a piece of you
and as desperate as you would like
to feel completely whole and healed
the truth is healing is an everyday
commitment to oneself
because let’s be honest
women like myself
will need a lifetime to undo
the damage
and that’s okay
so don’t judge me
for the armor i wear
and the wall built
around my heart
i’m in recovery
and at the same time
awakening to this newfound love
i have for myself
sharing my story
is ultimately what will set me free

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Breaking the Cycle

i understand now
that we weren't meant to be together
sorry i wasted all those years
begging you to stay
trying to convince you
that we could work out all our problems
i see now
that the problem clearly was
i loved you too much
and myself too little
i bent over backwards to make you see
just how much i did love you
but you loved yourself more
and me too little
your needs always came first
your happiness was more important
i understand now how loving myself
has drawn the right man to me
and my pattern of attracting
all the wrong men
like yourself
was a result of trying to find
confirmation that i am worthy of love
from broken men
thank goodness i've broken the cycle
now my life can truly begin

Thursday, September 26, 2019


she gathered herself
in the wilderness
because that's where
she felt her heart
open and bloom
she felt connected
to life
to something greater
than herself
gathered up
in a loving embrace
of a thousand invisible arms

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dream Message: Adam's Book

A woman in my dream says, "Don't let one forget those things that are lost."

Shortly after having this dream I began reading, Wheels of a Soul. There's a part in the book that talks about the Great Flood and the Tower of Babel that destroyed the entire world and erased every memory of what happened up to that point. The Bible and the Zohar both record a past civilization that was different than our own and maybe even greater. Did man possess advanced knowledge in ancient times? 

The Zohar explains that God did indeed send down a book to Adam from which Adam became acquainted with the supernal wisdom of the Light. This book was brought down to Adam by the master of mysteries, the Angel Raziel. The book later came into the hands of the "sons of the Lord"- that is, the wise souls of their generation. Whoever was privileged to peruse it acquired the wisdom of the Light and its awesome power. Three angels always accompanied and kept watch over the book so as to prevent its falling into improper hands. When Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he tried to keep the book, but it flew out of his hands. Weeping, he prayed to the Lord for its return. It was given back to him in order that wisdom would not be forgotten, and that mankind might strive to obtain knowledge of The Creator by understanding the Light. Happy are those people of exalted spiritual piety to whom the wisdom has been revealed, and by whom it will never be forgotten. As the Bible states: "The secret of the Lord is with them."

Reference~ Wheels of a Soul by Rav P.S. Berg

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hollow Silence

the silence
was unbearable
as the mind screams
"just make him love me!"
never loud enough
for him to hear you
and so you pretend
everything is okay

Monday, September 16, 2019


It is said that before entering the sea a river trembles with fear. She looks back at the path she has traveled, from the peaks of the mountains, the long winding road, crossing forests, and villages. And in front of her, she sees an ocean so vast, that to enter there seems nothing more than to disappear forever. But there is no other way. The river can not go back. Nobody can go back. To go back is impossible in existence. The river needs to take the risk of entering the ocean, because only then will fear disappear, because that’s where the river will know it’s not about disappearing into the ocean, but of becoming the ocean.

Reference~ Khalil Gibran

Thursday, September 12, 2019

The Storybook Castle

you kept all the stones
he threw at you
and every bad memory
locked away
not because you have a hard time
of letting go of things
but because you know
how to build things
out of the negative
and toxic relationship you were in
that's why you used all the stones
to build your storybook castle
with a kick-ass dungeon
if he ever decides to show up
you can throw him in it

Monday, September 9, 2019

The Road

Find your lane. Make space for the flow to show 
itself. Follow the natural rhythm of your life, and
you will discover a force far greater than your own.
- Oprah

Everybody's looking for the future. They're never in the present. So when they arrive at the future, it's not there for them because they're not present for it. If you get the idea that this is the moment that you have, it is the only moment that you have, then you live in the present, and you move with the flow, because this is the point of arrival. Right now.        -Deepak Chopra       

Remember: The most important thing is not what's happening out there. What is primary is your state of consciousness at this moment. That determines what form the future will take. So the important thing to realize is that what happens to you is much less important than how you respond to what happens. That determines the way forward in life.     - Eckhart Tolle

Monday, September 2, 2019

A Letter to My Lover: Will You Join Me?

dear lover,

i am complicated. i am divinity and darkness. i am nothing and everything all at once. i explore boundaries and go beyond them. i am tamed and pretty when i need to be, but wild and unleashed in my spirit. you will want to know me, but i am unknowable. i love to dance in the rain and make love naked under the stars. what you see in me is only a reflection of the love within yourself. my ache to be known stretches beyond my imagination when imagining all the ways you will come to know me. i have wounds, deep wounds, that have carved out the woman i am today. please know if i give myself to you, i am yours, not just for a fleeing moment, but for as long as you'll keep me. the closer you move towards me, the farther away i will want to move from you. but don't let me. i will want to run, but i will be brave if i know you're holding on to me. i need space to grow and expand my soul, this is how you win my heart, by allowing me to explore myself. i need to know you love me unconditionally, and i will test you. can you handle that? i won't hide that deep down i'm a hot mess, but i'm a beautiful mess of imperfections, ingenious, and chaos. do you still want me? if you say yes, then i am screwed, because that means i am falling in love with you. and even though this scares me, i will take the risk and make myself even more vulnerable to you. so what do you say, will you join me?

Saturday, August 31, 2019

The 3 Month Point

she kept herself hidden
the woman he saw
was worth every ounce
of affection and effort
she was saving
the best part of herself
for him
he just had to bring her
out of her hiding place
if he could do that
he would own her heart

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Before You

she evolved
into a beautiful woman
but what it took
was rough hands, harsh words,
and neglected tears
before you
she was a girl
surviving abuse
from men that said they loved her
she is now the woman
that melts your heart
when she smiles
you don't see her brokenness
or the pain from her battles
all you see is the magic
in her eyes
and the way she makes you feel
more alive than ever before
her evolution
is your security
because women like her
don't take men like you
for granted