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Monday, February 28, 2011

Sapphire and Arion: Remembering

Sapphire changed her position from wanting and longing, to needing nothing. The effort it took was depleting her life force. She realized it was for her benefit she tried-not his. She struggled to understand his ways, but he was no longer recognizable. She struggled to know herself and by doing so she understood her pain. Her pain was her crutch and now she found a way for it to serve her. Through it many truths buried deep were revealed. His memory kept hidden from her until she was willing to open those wounds and healing could began.
She was remembering little details about him. A life began to take shape of countless encounters- rich with many experiences. The depth of her love had survived over many lifetimes. It was a bond that at times held her hostage. She needed to find her place in the sacred circle to regain her balance. She would have to let go of the man she remembered. He was no longer her identity. Her destiny was waiting. He had been the one that had lead her to it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poem- Forgotten Angel

An angel sent from the heavens above,
here to convey a message of love.
Reaching out to give an abundance of warmth,
rapping her arms around to comfort the soul.
"I hear your cries, I feel your pain.
I know the darkness in which you hide your shame.
I was with you when you were but a child;
curious and innocent, playing so carelessly and wild.
Now that you've grown you've forgotten my name.
No longer are things as they were- no longer the same.
As you have changed through the years,
you thought you no longer needed me.
You thought you had conquered all your fears.
Unable to let go of your memories of me;
I have been there even as you sleep.
Coming to you in a form of a dream.
Waiting for you to open your eyes and see.
The truth that you hide is your denial of me.
So my child as you sit here and listen-
I am here for you, there is nothing you are missing.
Go out into the world unveiling your truth.
Sharing with others this wisdom and good news."

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Story of Sapphire and Arion: Reuniting Spirit

Arion stood on the highest mountain peak. He could see the valley below. He imagined himself a bird- free and powerful. Commitment to him meant losing his freedom- losing a part of his soul. This woman had seduced his spirit and the danger enticed him. He wanted to run, but in the stillness of his being he recognized a part of himself he had forgotten. A form he had separated from. She had held up the mirror that reflected his truth and now he desperately wanted to reunite with it. He would reclaim his power, but it would be a road of separation from her. Loneliness would be his alley. One day he hoped to commit to her without losing himself in the sacred dream.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Channeling- Purpose of Pain

The soul remembers traumatic events. The suffering of another becomes your burden- your cross. Your deepest wounds are your deepest loves. It is in pain you give birth to God.