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Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Urgency In The Heart

There is a common interest, a common intent, shared amongst all religions, which is the longing to experience the truth.  This is the urgency in the heart, a sense in ones heart that what we see in our daily life is not the totality of life.  Truthfully, if what we see in our daily lives was the totality of life, life would not be worth living.

Reference~ Fuel For Spiritual Experience

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sapphire's Letter to Arion: The Affair of Our Hearts


This affair of our hearts goes on and on and on. We rise and fall. How much can the heart endure? You are aware of my soul's innermost thoughts, and still you do not take heed!
How will you and I fair if neither one speaks the truth? My heart has not lost patience with you.
Do you forgive me for all of my crimes? You, beloved, hold the sword. I bend my neck and offer you my head. Is this too deep for you? Or has your feet and mouth found their courage yet?

All of my love,


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My First Memory- Spiritual Warfare, Part 2

From Journal Entry 12/8/15

My husband buys a house with a demon in the bedroom closet.  The bedroom is upstairs.  I warn him not to go into that room ever.  I can feel it's power.  I am afraid and do not want to enter that room either.

I had this dream at the time when I was reflecting on my first memory. The demon represents my fears, repressed feelings and emotions. The closet represents an unveiling of previously hidden aspects of myself.

It is important to know how to armor yourself against demons in the dream world.  Since this dream, I have taken a conscious role to always pray when I find myself awake in the astral world and confronted with an evil presence. The prayer that I grew up with and now recite is The Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). What ever your faith or religion is, memorize a prayer that works for you to use as a spiritual defense against evil. 

Also, most recently in a dream, I found myself confronted again with a man whom was going to shot me.  This time I repeatedly told him I love you, I love you.  He walked away from me weeping. Only love dissolves the darkness.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pairing Up

When a husband and wife meet- the shoe must fit. They must compliment each other in every way.  What one lacks- the other possesses.

The quality of a soul seeks the same quality of soul in another.

If a soul is sweet, then sweetness will be their companion.  If a soul is foul, then foulness will be their companion.

It is better to pair up with your kind and not mate with a different breed.

If you are foul, but would like to become sweeter- remove your bitterness, grievances, anguish and seek contentment with sincerity.

It is better to be single undergoing this process, than to pair up with a dog, or pig, or a snake of sorts. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Hopelessly Insane

I often think that I will try to tell you how very dear you are, and how I'm watching for you, but the words won't come, tho' the tears will, and I sit down disappointed- yet darling, you know it all- then why do I seek to tell you?  I do not know; in thinking of those I love, my reason is all gone from me, and I fear sometimes that I must make a hospital for the hoplessly insane, and chain me up there such times, so I won't injure you. ~ Emily Dickinson

Friday, January 1, 2016

Dream of Opening The Third Eye

From Journal Entry 10/16/2015

I am driving in the Suburban with my kids. I am at a stop sign.  A military like guy is standing on the corner pointing a gun at me.  He points it at the kids, they are not sitting still.  I tell my daughter to stop it, sit still, and I turn around to get her to stop.  The man shoots me square between the eyes.  I am dead.  My son says calmly, "Mom is dead."  My daughter is yelling. I am aware that I am dead.  I fear to look at my daughter consciously because of what she may be seeing- blood, etc.  I am fully conscious.  It felt like the world I lived in was of constant terror, control, and watch. There was a constant threat to conform or be killed.
The fact that I got shot in between the eyes (the third eye) and died instantly, is a sign that my consciousness is waking up. It also relates personally to the inner changes, transformations taking place inside of me.  It is a positive sign that I am undergoing a transitional phase and am becoming more enlightened.

On a larger scale, the dream is pointing to an urgent need for all of us to wake up.  We are responsible for all the violence in the world.  Because we are not working on our own psychological defects, our consciousness has manifested the disease within our own minds- our fears are manifesting our reality. The world that we live in today is progressively degenerating.  We are collectively becoming demons, our divinity forgotten.

The terrorist attacks, wars, murders, etc are all a wake up call to our consciousness, urging us to stop sleep walking through our lives. Take responsibility for the health of your mind.  Fill it with impressions of beauty, love, acts of kindness instead of images of violence, sex, greed, lust, etc.

Solving the problems in the world, begins with yourself.  Removing the psychological defects, developing a spiritual routine, spending time alone in prayer- all these things bring you closer to the truth that you are an infinite being and one with the Creator.  Death is an illusion and any threat to your mortality is a lie.

Note~ The third eye is located between the eyes.  It is the invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.  One must meditate to open the third eye.