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Friday, May 26, 2017

Prophetic Dream: Knights and The King

From Journal Entry 1/3/1997

Me and a close friend of mine climb up a short ladder to a altar. She does a tarot card spread to tell me my love life past, present, and future. Candles are used to represent different emotions of intensity for each one. Five cards are laid out before me to represent five men.

My friend says a King or a Knight represents a lasting relationship. The relationship I was currently in was the last one and wasn't either one. She says there will be four more men I'll meet in my life but those won't last either. But she assures me and says, "The King will come, he will come."

My second relationship was intense, but lasted less than a year. My third relationship was my marriage. We were together for 19 years.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Story of Sapphire and Arion: Sapphire's Rise

   Sapphire went to bed to weep for the man she loved. The sting of rejection hurt worse than the words from Thaddeus' mouth. It set a tidal wave into motion inside of her. Sapphire had prepared herself for the emotional storm that she'd foreseen.
   In her vision, Sapphire stood on the top of a mountain. Below, the sea was rising with great force swiftly up the mountainside.  Sapphire looked up at the sky for a sign and saw a flash of lightning. Clouds were forming, forewarning of an oncoming danger and rapid changes. Sapphire invited the storm into her life.
   Sapphire had hoped her husband would read her soul and catch a glimpse of her inner state. She wanted Thaddeus to show her compassion. 
   Now Sapphire was cocooned in pain, fear, humiliation, and chaos. From it, Sapphire imagined she would emerge as a butterfly. Without spilling blood, she would rise above the storm. Inside Thaddeus' waking dream, she was leaving him traces of herself in her poetry.

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Crowd of Sorrows

The Crowd of Sorrows entered my house. I was polite and offered them tea. They humbly declined and wept with madness. Their pleas saturated my home and deafened my ears that my dogs hid under the bed. My children made themselves invisible. My chickens heard the ruckus and buried their heads in the soft dirt. My cat, as old as she is, tried to scale a palm tree. My tortoise ran in the ditch and almost flipped-flopped.
I told the Crowd of Sorrows to pack up their bags and leave at once. "This is pure madness!" I exclaimed. "Don't you know God is sweeping my house clean and making room for new visitors?"

There must be a space that is cleared out for the new to come in and announce itself.

Friday, May 5, 2017


Lying on the tracks-
Ear to the rail.
The vibration strikes the ear drum: Aware!


Timing is everything.



The fate you see coming-
Meet it with courage!