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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Poem- Dear Friend

It's been a long journey
   Dear Friend
I have traveled
   this ancient road
for thousands of years

Longing for you
   in my heart

A piece of me broken

The Universe inside
   speaking to me

God gently reminding me
   of a sacred place
Where two old friends meet
   to become one soul.

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Letter To The Troops- No. 1

When my church asked if anyone wanted to write letters to the troops, I felt God calling me out to write letters of encouragement and support to the men and women who bravely serve and protect our freedom.  This is the first of what I hope many more letters to come.

From Journal entry 5/13/12

Dear Sir or Madam,                                              

I wasn't sure how to open this letter since I have not met you face to face.  I thought then I should introduce myself, but then I feel as if we're not strangers.  We are all human beings with the same longings in our heart.  And what is it our heart longs for, but truth and purpose to etch its way from our soul into our lives that long to express our inner world.
When you are thousands of miles away from your family the grief and heartache must be more than a man can bare.  There is great beauty in grief when it's accompanied by love.  The essence of a man's soul expands to the likeness of his love when given freely.  No man can avoid this grief or escape it.  Grief will darken your days and rob your nights.  What is a man to do when his grief leaves him naked?  Embrace grief for only love survives death.
Don't diminish your world because of your grief.  There is a harvest to be reaped in your grief, and it will feed those who travel the same road in the barren desert that all pilgrims of longings and truth must travel through.

God bless,

Madison Michelle

A Hidden Wholeness

God is everywhere, the divine qualities of love, mercy, compassion, justice, and all the other attributes ascribed to God expand infinitely throughout creation.  Objects "out there" or feelings "in here" eventually meld into one state of being that lies beyond the limits of space-time, in a realm of infinite possibilities.

How can two realities (inner and outer) that are opposites turn out to be the same?  Realizing that "that" is the state of pure consciousness, while "this" is the visible universe.  A hidden wholeness underlies all of creation, ultimately it is this invisible wholeness that matters most.  There is only one reality that is permanent.  This means that at some point the inner and outer worlds must meet.  What makes life worth living is love, trust, faith, beauty, awe, wonder, compassion, truth, the arts, morality, and the mind itself.

~Who looks outside, dreams; who looks within, awakens.- Carl Jung

Reference~ War of the World Views, Deepak Chopra

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Path of A Mystic

Divine revelation demands change.  If your a thief, you must give up thieving.  If your a whore, you must give up whoring.  Soul work is of the soul.  When it awakens it demands change.  It is not for the half-hearted, but for those in pursuit of intimacy with the Divine; for its path requires abandoning all misdeeds and perfecting your character.
Many set out on the path to God, but turn around in fear.  They fear change and what others will think of them.  They fear knowing their soul and in knowing the unknown. 
Only a few chosen remain on the path to transcendence.  Those who are faithful and obedient will enter their castle of the soul.  Many mansions will be discovered- many wonders holding the mystic captive.  Keeping him hungry for more revelation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sapphire's Purpose

Death whispered sweet melodies in her ear.  Sapphire recognized the voice of an old companion.  He had greeted her at her deathbed over many lifetimes.  How she longed to embrace Death and be cradled in his arms.
The Living never understood her mysteries.  Most of them feared her.  Sapphire loved them nevertheless.  They mirrored her insecurities that she kept hidden from their eyes.  They echoed a distant cry of loneliness that she herself often bare listen too.  Their lips dripped blood of obedience to a God unseen- how she knew the taste of blood.
Sapphire wanted them to embrace their dark shadow.  She wanted them to see the beauty in Death.  She would dedicate her life to the Living that longed for their native land.  Sapphire would instruct them on life and how to die a little death everyday.  This would aide them on their journey from this womb into eternity.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Lines from Rumi

~A lover has four streams inside, of water, wine, honey, and milk.
~Those who love fire fall in the fire.
~Sometimes lovers take vows of silence.
~You keep me away with your arm, but the keeping away is pulling me in.
~To praise is to praise how one surrenders to the emptiness.
~There is an ocean inside surging with praise for you, but I close my eyes, hoping you will talk.
~There is no way into presence, except through a love exchange.
~Anything born in spring dies in fall, but love is not seasonal.
~Only love has power over lovers.  Death has none.

Reference~ Rumi The Big Red Book, Coleman Barks

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Poem- Degrees of Love

What are you?
If Spirit, what form do you take?
If Man, what language do you speak?
If Love is the only way to communicate one to the other,
then how should I recognize it?
If my chest is heavy with pain,
is that your absence?
If my heart feels like it has wings,
is that your spirit descending on me?
If my stomach is twisted in knots,
is that Love's sickness?
If I have labor pains,
is that your love birthing itself inside of me?
What is Love's cure?
And how come I've never felt more alive?
I should be suspicious of Love.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dream of Medieval France

From Journal Entry 12/2/2011

It is France and the year is 1342.  There is a couple in their mid to late 20's.  They are watching an erotic play.  She spoke up and said it was artful and that the woman in the play sang beautifully.
He wasn't suppose to be with her. They were from different social classes. She was from money and he was not.  He was taken into custody by a group of men and found guilty for a crime he did not commit.  The punishment was torture. 
He was tortured in front of a crowd and she watched in horror from a distance. They were in love- he didn't complain about being tortured and she wanted justice.

Although most ordinary individuals are unaware of it, we exist in a constant play of cosmic forces.  When one becomes aware of this play, and then is able to consciously participate in the play of spiritual forces.  Metaphysically speaking, every move we make, circumstance, event in our lives, every thought, imagination, feeling, word, and deed- is supported by a corresponding spiritual force.  We attract and connect ourselves with spiritual forces beyond us, and we become agents of those forces in the material plane, whether for good of for ill.

Reference~War of the World Views by Deepak Chopra

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Gnostic Meaning of The Song of Solomon

The Song of Songs, also referred as the Song of Solomon, is the only book of love poems in the Bible. A lyric poem in dialogue form, the Book describes Solomon's love for a Shalammite girl. The king comes in disguise to her family's vineyard, wins her heart, and makes her his bride.
The setting takes place in the hill country of Ephraim, about fifty miles north of Jerusalem at a vineyard of King Solomon. He let it out to keepers, consisting of a mother, two sons, and two daughters- the Shalammite, and a little sister. The Shalammite was the "Cinderella" of the family, naturally beautiful but unnoticed. Her brothers made her work hard tending the vineyards. She pruned the vines and set traps for little foxes. She also kept the flocks.
One day a handsome stranger came to the vineyard. It was King Solomon disguised. He showed an interest in the girl, and she became embarrassed concerning her personal appearance. She took him for a shepherd and asked about his flocks. He answered evasively but also spoke loving words to her and promised rich gifts for the future.
He won her heart and left with the promise that some day he would return. She dreamed of him at night and sometimes thought he was near. Finally he did return in all his kingly splendor to make her his bride.
The Song of Solomon is interpreted as the love affair between God and the Shekinah (God the Mother and God the Bride), on other levels, it is contemplated as the love-play of the Bridegroom and Holy Bride or as the relationship of the Christ-presence to the assembly of the elect. As the love affair of God and the Shekinah, the Song of Solomon indicates bliss as the foundation for creation- for creation comes into being and is sustained through the love-play of God and the Shekinah.
When human beings pray, meditate, perform sacred ceremony, and bring their souls into union with God, they join the Shekinah that indwells them to God. According to the Kabbalah, when a man and woman join together in love and there is an awareness of the divine in their union, their unification below brings about a spiritual union of God and the Shekinah above- and thus the union of the man and woman is blessed.
The passion of the Shekinah does not only extend to God but also to the faithful and elect who are lovers of God, to whom she is also a companion. She cleaves to the Lord and she cleaves to those who unite themselves with her in her love of the Lord, and thus joins together lovers with their beloved.

References~ Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ by Tau Malachi and