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Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Path of A Mystic

Divine revelation demands change.  If your a thief, you must give up thieving.  If your a whore, you must give up whoring.  Soul work is of the soul.  When it awakens it demands change.  It is not for the half-hearted, but for those in pursuit of intimacy with the Divine; for its path requires abandoning all misdeeds and perfecting your character.
Many set out on the path to God, but turn around in fear.  They fear change and what others will think of them.  They fear knowing their soul and in knowing the unknown. 
Only a few chosen remain on the path to transcendence.  Those who are faithful and obedient will enter their castle of the soul.  Many mansions will be discovered- many wonders holding the mystic captive.  Keeping him hungry for more revelation.