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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dream Of God Answering My Prayer, Part 2

The Exhale For Mercy

Prayer has always been a path for union with God. The inhale breath communicates our longing to God. There are nine levels of prayer leading to union. They were established by Father Archimandrite Ilie Cleopa.

The prayer of the lips
The mouth
The tongue
The voice
The mind
The heart
The active prayer
The all seeing prayer
The contemplative prayer

The exhale breath is the cry for mercy. If my prayer is sincere and my longing great, then it is always accompanied by an outpouring of tears. In the sacred space of emptiness, I have created intimacy with God. There is a presence felt and colors of soft pastel green and/or pink descend from above into my crown chakra. It is this experience that validates the mercy given freely from the Holy Spirit, and my tears become tears of gratitude. 

Reference~ Sophia Rising, Monette Chilson 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Keeping a Prayer Journal

I do not have perfect faith, no one does. Seeking out God requires opening your heart up and observing what is in it. It means not judging your feelings but gaining a deeper understanding of them. Everything that happens to you has meaning and purpose. By being obedient to God you move closer to the truth of who you are. When a relationship seems broken, there's a need for change. Sometimes the truth hurts the ones you love most, but it becomes a journey of unconditional love and self discovery. By letting our story of sorrows, happiness, joy, and pain guide us on our journey, we trust in God that there is value in our feelings. I believe it's God's way of speaking to us.
To experience a closeness to God, a Prayer Journal offers a relationship with him and gives us guidance in our daily life. Below is an entry from my journal when my husband and I were going through a difficult time. God gives us many chances to restore our faith in him, all we have to do is pray and listen to our hearts.

From Journal Entry: 6/24/09

Praise: When we seek God often we find him.
My sins: Lack of trust I have in my husband, there's still some forgiveness I need to do. Letting my thoughts wander. Yelling at my kids.
Request: God I ask that you guide this family and teach us to love one another more tenderly. Help me trust my husband again. Keep my family safe.
Thanks God for constantly reminding me of your presence in my life. It is the building blocks of my faith.
Listening: Everything is going to be okay.

*In the praise section, write a prayer giving him the glory he deserves.
*Next admit your sins to God.
*In the request section, write down your concerns and request for yourself and others.
*Next section give thanks to God.
*In the listening section, write down what ever you feel God is saying to you.

~Reference, The Road Home by Denise Jackson

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Prayers

Praying is so important to do throughout the day. I am constantly praying. Whether it be for my loved ones or the homeless guy I notice on the street, or for guidance. How you pray and your attitude are the key ingredients for a good prayer.

By definition a prayer is an energy or power that emanates out from us in all directions. Everything we expect, good or bad, conscious or unconscious, we are helping to bring into being.

There are two types of prayers that most of us use in our misunderstanding of God's nature. A prayer that asks God to intervene, assumes that God can intervene, but only if he decides to honor our request. The second, a prayer that assumes that God is ready and willing but has set up the laws of human existence, so that whether the request is fulfilled depends in some part on the certainty of our belief that it will be done.

Our field of prayer act very quickly to bring us exactly what we expect. When we go into these negative expectations, our prayer field collapses, because we lose our connection with the Divine. Pray with clear intent and an outpouring of love. Prayers should be affirmations and not requests. Become detached from all outcomes so to open yourself up to the synchronicity that can guide you to a true direction to go in.

God speaks to us in many ways. I often will be sent a message in a dream, or a series of events (synchronicity) will guide me as to what to do. Be open to all possibilities and truly love!

Resource~Celestine Prophecy