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Friday, May 29, 2015

The Story of Sapphire and Arion: Arion Marries Layla

When Sapphire got news that Arion was to marry another woman, her wounds multiplied.  Sapphire knew in the depth of her understanding Arion had to walk his own path and she could not fulfill his earthly needs.
Sapphire remembered the first time Arion had come to her in a dream.  Sapphire pulled away from Arion's image.  She loved another man.  Her heart was conflicted.
The man Sapphire had met was well known to Arion.  He was a friend, a brother.  They knew each other since childhood.  Sapphire's lover mirrored back Arion's presence.  This gave her comfort and peace.  Her lover would be a constant reminder of Arion.  In her closeness to him, Sapphire felt Arion's companionship.
The woman, Layla, Arion married was well suited for him.  The first time Sapphire met Layla, she could see all the qualities that Arion loved in her.  Layla nurtured his spirit with warmth, compassion, and tolerance.  Sapphire felt how Layla loved Arion deeply.
Sapphire came to remember Layla from a past life.  Layla was more than just Arion's wife, she had a bond with this woman and a karmic debt to pay back.
Layla needed to forgive Sapphire for the past misdeeds.  Their lives now intertwined had come full circle.
Both women yearned for Arion's affection.  Sapphire could see a bigger picture emerging that connected all four of them.  She wondered if she was alone in this thought. Sapphire carried the burden of knowing pieces of a past that tied them all together.  She recognized in them her soul group.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Cosmic Force

Kundalini refers to a cosmic force, an energy.  It is pure, divine, raw potentiality. In Christianity, it is the fire of the Holy Spirit. Any spiritual practice that we perform, has as its intention the awakening of this cosmic force within us. Kundalini is the intelligence of God.  Enlightenment is a result of precise causes.  This force opens up our spiritual eye.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I love poetry
my words dress up my heart
they add color and flair
a black back drop
comes to life
cascading a landscape
with pure desire.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dear Redwood Tree

Dear Redwood Tree,

As I sit under your shade, you provide me relief.  All of my troubles and grief melt away.  Time stops and I can feel your antiquity, your sacredness that humanity has not touched nor perversed.  You seek nothing, want nothing.  You stand straight and command the skies and the earth.  I am in awe of your majesty, your power.  There is no temple, synagogue, or mosque that is as sacred as you.

Your Admirer,

Madison Michelle

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taoist Mystics

~If the spirit is overused it gets exhausted, while if the body is overworked it wears out.  When the body and spirit separate, then you die.   ~ Sima Tan

~What increases our possessions diminishes our spirit.  What gives birth to our fame deals death to our bodies.     Yan Cun

~Stillness and silence are the house to safeguard virtue; purity and calm are the garden where the spirit may roam.   ~Yang Xiong

~Spirit is the font of intelligence; when spirit is pure, intelligence is clear.  Intelligence is the capital of mind; when intelligence is impartial, the mind is even.   ~Wen-tzu

~Higher learning is heard by spirit, middle learning is heard by mind, lower learning is heard by ear.   ~Wen-tzu

~Human nature wants peace, but indulgence in desire spoils this.   ~Wen-tzu

Friday, May 1, 2015

Rise and Open

Clean out the dark places of your heart.
Express all your joy and pain.
Do you want to feel alive?
Rise then,
Love needs an expression to become a reality.