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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tibetan Wisdom- The Two Truths

The nature of reality has two truths- relative truth and absolute truth. Relative truth is what allows us to measure, make judgements, take positions, take sides. It is the point of reference society accepts. It is the way we function every day.
Absolute truth holds the mystery of life. Nothing exists the way it seems. Perception changes tremendously. Everything seen is no longer strong, solid, absolute, or intact. Everything is softened, leading one beyond the laws of physics.
Our lives are based on both relative and absolute truth. Wisdom is an understanding of that. The path to freedom is wisdom and compassion. You try to achieve the highest possible goal for yourself and others by applying love and compassion and wisdom to your life.
The importance of understanding this is to free your mind. It is unnecessary to suffer. Free your mind of clutter and attachments through meditation. Then you can begin to heal yourself and live the life you always dreamed of.

Reference~ Good Life, Good Death by Rimpoche Gehlek

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Poem- Knot

From the North
the wind blows
Skies reflect
the mood of you

Waters calm
crystal blue
There is only two
me and you

A memory
Shaded by the
great tree

It contains all thoughts
past and present
It knots us together
for all eternity

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fairy Princess

Pink tennis shoes with no laces.
Sandals with little yellow daises.

Overalls with cowboy boots.
A hat to match and a gun that shots.

A purple floppy hat and socks with
green and white stripes.
Tucked away in another pile,
is a horse I like to ride.

Little ballerina dress hanging
on a hanger.
Black silky gloves to go on my
teeny tiny fingers.

Sunglasses with a frame in the
shape of hearts.
Brothers' boxers- his favorite Cars.

Decisions, decisions what to be for
the day.
This is a hard decision what to play.

A princess with a starry crown;
matching heels to go with a ballgown.

A magic wand to make all my wishes
come true.
I'd turn my brother into a cow,
that's what I'd do!

That sounds like just the thing
I want to be.
So a fairy princess it is-
I do deem!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dream-Man Holding My Hand

From Journal Entry July 10, 2000

A black man took my hand as I cried. I wanted to ask one question. I didn't know what to ask. As I was crying he said I was very humble and said that was good. I than asked, "What should be on my list of things to accomplish a year from now?" He said, "Child it isn't important what you can do a year from now, but what can you do today."
This dream was literal in meaning. There were two messages I got from the dream. First spiritual attainment can only be reached through an attitude of humbleness. Empathy the man displayed is an ingredient necessary in a soul's progression. His affection towards me was comforting and reassuring. When someone else can understand and bare your pain, burdens are easier to overcome. That person becomes a source of strength.
Secondly, as the old saying goes, "Don't put off tomorrow, what you can do today." Living in the present is the only place you will find true gratification. A healthy balance can be found when you realize your dreams, and by moving towards them in your daily life. By keeping your attention on the present, opportunities that come your way won't be missed. There is a higher vibration that your more attune with by being in the moment. Creativity is alive and present only in the space of "now". And always be open to new things.