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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fairy Princess

Pink tennis shoes with no laces.
Sandals with little yellow daises.

Overalls with cowboy boots.
A hat to match and a gun that shots.

A purple floppy hat and socks with
green and white stripes.
Tucked away in another pile,
is a horse I like to ride.

Little ballerina dress hanging
on a hanger.
Black silky gloves to go on my
teeny tiny fingers.

Sunglasses with a frame in the
shape of hearts.
Brothers' boxers- his favorite Cars.

Decisions, decisions what to be for
the day.
This is a hard decision what to play.

A princess with a starry crown;
matching heels to go with a ballgown.

A magic wand to make all my wishes
come true.
I'd turn my brother into a cow,
that's what I'd do!

That sounds like just the thing
I want to be.
So a fairy princess it is-
I do deem!