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Monday, December 20, 2010

Keeping a Prayer Journal

I do not have perfect faith, no one does. Seeking out God requires opening your heart up and observing what is in it. It means not judging your feelings but gaining a deeper understanding of them. Everything that happens to you has meaning and purpose. By being obedient to God you move closer to the truth of who you are. When a relationship seems broken, there's a need for change. Sometimes the truth hurts the ones you love most, but it becomes a journey of unconditional love and self discovery. By letting our story of sorrows, happiness, joy, and pain guide us on our journey, we trust in God that there is value in our feelings. I believe it's God's way of speaking to us.
To experience a closeness to God, a Prayer Journal offers a relationship with him and gives us guidance in our daily life. Below is an entry from my journal when my husband and I were going through a difficult time. God gives us many chances to restore our faith in him, all we have to do is pray and listen to our hearts.

From Journal Entry: 6/24/09

Praise: When we seek God often we find him.
My sins: Lack of trust I have in my husband, there's still some forgiveness I need to do. Letting my thoughts wander. Yelling at my kids.
Request: God I ask that you guide this family and teach us to love one another more tenderly. Help me trust my husband again. Keep my family safe.
Thanks God for constantly reminding me of your presence in my life. It is the building blocks of my faith.
Listening: Everything is going to be okay.

*In the praise section, write a prayer giving him the glory he deserves.
*Next admit your sins to God.
*In the request section, write down your concerns and request for yourself and others.
*Next section give thanks to God.
*In the listening section, write down what ever you feel God is saying to you.

~Reference, The Road Home by Denise Jackson

Friday, December 17, 2010

Poem- Anam Cara

Time stopped,
my stomach flip-flopped.
A steady gaze,
face to face.

Eyes locked,
an instant shock.
Skin pale,
the feeling real.

I pull away,
nothing to say.
I stay away,
to much pain.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Wild Mongoose

A wild mongoose is on the loose.
It peeked out from under my bed.
That mongoose ran circles around my dog Big Red.
Red barked and carried on,
chasing that mongoose out into the yard.
My little sister was screaming at the top of her lungs.
It startled my neighbors and my mom.
She came out of the house and asked,
"What is all the yelling about?"
I said, "There's a mongoose on the loose.
It was hiding under my bed and it scared Big Red."
My mom replied, "You stay right here. I'm going
to go get the broom."
I quickly remarked, "What good is that going to do?"
The mongoose ran into the barn.
He was now trapped and couldn't go very far.
He was in between two bales of hay.
This had turned out to be not your ordinary day.
I yelled at my dog, "Get him boy! You can do it!"
Big Red was waiting for the perfect moment.
He snatched up that mongoose.
Big Red had him locked in his jaws.
My mom returned and her mouth dropped.
She began yelling, "Stop, stop, stop!"
I calmly said, "Mom it's okay. Just go behind
the house and get the old bird cage."
My mom ran as quick as she could. And with
the bird cage she returned.
Carefully we put the mongoose inside of there.
Poor little guy was shaking, he was scared.
I pleaded with my mom,"Please can I keep him?"
She hesitated but then said, "As long as you feed him."
I named him Speedy, which suits him good.
He's hard to see when he's loose in my room.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Conversations w/God on Karma

You carry the burden of your ancestors karma, dear child. The pain of all things rest on your shoulders. There is no clear path. All things must come to full circle. All things must die and be reborn. My child, your rebirth comes in rays of sunshine. For you have noticed my rays. My beauty is in all things- all truths. Find your truth and be it. There is much to be said for your suffering. It cleanses the impure heart and brings fire. It burns so bright, all will see. Restored again to its sweet innocence. There will be salvation for you. Your people will thank you. And I will thank you for remembering me in all your saddest and glorious days.


My Letter to Sebastian

I wonder what you look like. I wonder if you remember me. Your existence softens me. Loving you is all I can do. I pray for your happiness. I pray no harm comes to you. I pray my words find you someday and you will know I thought everyday about you. God bless you Sebastian.

All my love,

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Poem- The Tide

Circling time,
polished over by the tide.

The moon waning,
remembers me.

Chasing karma,
undoing my sin.

The clouds parting,
revealing a past.

Memory like a wave,
washing away burdens.

A new sun,
birthing a new beginning.