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Thursday, January 14, 2021

Press Release: Stringing Beads, Vol. 3 Now Available


This book is a continuation of Stringing Beads, Volume 2. In this collection, the blog entries pick up from 2016 through 2019. Many things have transpired in those years. Madison went through a divorce. Through it, she wrote her anger and grief of her loss and the betrayal she felt. Madison got through it by relying on God to guide her on the dark road ahead of her. She prayed, meditated, and journaled on most days. Her future was uncertain but she maintained her faith in God and her connection to her twin flame to get through the worst part of her life. Her story is proof of God's awesome power and presence.

Stringing Beads: Making a Beautiful Life Moment by Moment, Volume 3: Meadows, Madison: 9798593215604: Books

Sunday, March 31, 2019

New Release: Shedding the Wife

 a spiritual journey through divorce

shedding the wife
is about a spiritual journey
through divorce
with inner landscapes
of floods and fires
the storm
becomes a catalyst
to self-discovery
this book is
for all women
healing from the wounds
of betrayal, neglect, and/or abuse
and by doing the inner work
empowers us
to let go of the past
and move forward as a warrior

Grab your copy! Shedding the Wife

Kindle Download! Amazon Kindle

Sunday, September 18, 2016

NOW AVAILABLE Stringing Beads: Volume 2

Now Available on Amazon! Stringing Beads: Making A Beautiful Life Moment by Moment, Volume 2

Stringing Beads, Volume 2, is a continuation of Volume 1. The book picks up where her posts in Volume 1 end. Madison's path to self discovery takes the reader on a intimate journey as she discovers more about the spirit world and the strength of her own spirit.

At the end of Stringing Beads, Volume 2, Madison includes a letter she wrote to her beloved. Her fears and hopes are communicated to him. It is through faith alone that Madison continues her outpouring of love to the beloved and to God for reuniting their souls.                        

Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Glimpse of Stringing Beads, Vol. 2

Coming Soon: Stringing Beads, Vol. 2 

This book is a compilation of my blog posts for the past three years. Also included is a letter and a revealing at the end of the book. Here is a glimpse from Stringing Beads, Vol. 2:

"During the writing process of the first book, Madison struggled physically and spiritually. What Madison experienced for several months was a painful ache within her chest. Lying in bed one day, Madison thought she was having a heart attack. When she surrendered to the pain and to God, Madison had a vision of a blinding light from outside her window."

Friday, February 26, 2016

Coming Soon: The Spirituality Project

Coming Soon: The Spirituality Project

This is the beginning of a new project to reach a larger audience. This idea came to me in a dream. My YouTube channel will be about sharing how my dreams have guided me on my path. 

For the past 20 years I have been journaling my dreams and exploring my inner world. Now I share my dreams, from the beginning (1997) to now, giving insight about the dream world. I will help educate others about dreams and how to awaken consciousness.

Please join me as we explore the world of dreams!

Friday, February 19, 2016

Our Day of Passing Available Now on Kindle Free

Do you have a fascination with death and the afterlife? Contributions to this anthology from writers all over the world. You can read Madison Meadows essay, The Lover's Death, an essay about the twin soul connection. Our Day of Passing now available on Kindle! Download for free February 19-23. Follow link below for your free download.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Day of Passing Now Available! My Essay: The Lovers' Death

Follow link to a free Ebook download of Our Day of Passing!!

When a person encounters their twin soul, it is as if eternity has opened up and on a deeper level there is the recognition of belonging to the other.  The Lovers are in love with the other’s true self.  This mirroring back to each other is essential for cultivating the seed necessary for union; through the death of the ego.

A connection is first established in the instant of the eyes meeting the other’s eyes.  Through this intense magnetism a tunnel is created from the heart of one to the heart of the other.  They can live thousands of miles apart and still maintain the nourishment of the energy between them. 

One knows the tunnel is activated by words that are felt.  For example, a song can play on the radio and all of a sudden your hair stands up on end and the lover comes to mind.  It’s as if the Universe is speaking to you the language of love.  Also, the dream world is a place where the lovers often meet to convey feelings and thoughts to each other.  Confucius describes the inner connection as, “my heart in sympathy with yours.”

This inner connection feels like they share a destiny together.  There is much adjustment in the beginning brought on by fear, doubt, and hesitation.  One feels madness that one has gone completely insane. For both to succeed, the ego must die and the ‘true self’ must emerge and take over the direction of their lives. 

When the Lovers have moved past humanly desires and the ego is no longer present, union is possible.  Only by observing chastity are the Lovers able to guide the sexual energy between them inward, which then makes a way upward, thereby transcending reality and merging with the other (the Beloved) in pure ecstasy.  During this blissful state, they are swallowed up into a larger awareness. The Lovers emerge with new eyes to see the world.

The I Ching says, “Their approach towards each other has come from a high place.”  If the Lovers trust this love and bind themselves to God, Creator, Christ, etc., then they can enrich the lives of the people around them.  They know sincerity, patience, and faith adds growth to the others true self and this free flowing energy extends to others.

Hafiz says, “Loving is the greatest freedom and fulfillment, so the wise, being wise, cash in on that.”  Loving wisely is allowing your feelings for the other to mature gradually by observing chastity.  Alchemy takes place when there is a longing for the eternal Beloved.  The virtues of chastity unveils God’s secret, revealing the Beloved in all His splendor.

The Lovers learn about the power of their love through their interactions with each other on the invisible level.  Their trust becomes so strong that they know what the other is feeling at all times.  When they recognize their mutual destiny together, the love between them will grow and bloom. 

Love is the energy that holds the Cosmos together.  It comes through the Lovers and is their source.  It is a gift that frees them from their ego and awakens the divine within.  Learning to love in this new way takes humility, patience, and tenderness.  Developing this type of love, one must become entirely dependent on God.  The Lovers path is knowing God through his beautiful creation. A pure heart sees the death of the ego as a bridge he or she must cross to reach the eternal Beloved. 

My sincere gratitude to Ingrid Hall for extending my vision, enlarging my audience, and seeing the value in my writing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Our Day of Passing: Ebook Release Date 7/31/15

Do you have a macabre fascination with death and the afterlife?

If so, then this anthology is definitely for you and best of all it is FREE.  Whilst some see the subject of death as too morbid to contemplate, others such as the skilled writers that have contributed to this anthology, view it as the perfect subject to stimulate creative thinking.  Much like ‘love’ and ‘war’, the topic of death has the ability to draw out some of the most thought-provoking pieces ever to fill a blank sheet of paper.
Our Day of Passing is formed from an eclectic and diverse mix of short stories, poems, fictions and essays. Contributions have been assembled from over 30 talented writers across the globe, each with their own fascinating interpretation of an event that comes to us all…eventually.
Written by Ingrid Hall, Franco Esposito, Dennis Higgins, Virginia Wright, Candida Spillard, Valeri Beers, Dada Vedaprajinananda, Strider Marcus Jones, Adam E. Morrison, Allyson Lima, D. B. Mauldin, David A. Slater, David King, Dee Thompson, Donald Illich, Edward Meiman, Eileen Hugo, Emily Olson, Joan McNerney, J.S. Little, Kin Asdi, Madison Meadows, Malobi Sinha, Marianne Szlyk, Mark Aspa, Mark David McClure, Megan Caito, Michael Brookes, Michael Burke, Pijush Kanti Deb, Prince Adewale Oreshade, Rafeeq O. McGiveron, Robin Reiss, Sasha Kasoff, Stephanie Buosi, Talia Haven.
Whether they resonate with your own circumstances or provide new wisdom or something to ponder over, each of these carefully selected pieces will undoubtedly unlock a series of emotions within you.  The anthology has been written in such a way that it can either be devoured or dipped in and out of as your emotions dictate.  Either way, you can expect to feel a greater sense of self and enlightenment from reading it.

Download it for free beginning July 31, 2015!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Press Release: Our Day of Passing

Coming this summer: Our Day of Passing: An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems, Fiction, and Essays on death.  In Ingrid Hall's ebook there will be an essay I wrote about spiritual death, "The Lovers' Death." I will post the entirety of the essay after the release date. Link to ebook preview: