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Friday, August 7, 2020

Embracing a New Love

 my dear man,

how i adore you! you may not know all my pain and battles i have fought that led up to our paths crossing, but it is my firm belief that it all had to happen in order for me to meet you. i have known lonliness, hopelessness, and despair intimately. and in those moments of my life they taught me to rely on myself. meeting you has been life changing. meeting a soul like you has reminded me that there are still a few good men left in the world. i just count my lucky stars that i have you and how blessed i am to be your woman, your partner in crime. whatever this union has to offer, i will embrace it!!



Thursday, December 26, 2019

Dear Warrioress: A New Decade

Dear Warrioress,

This past year was a fresh start. With the divorce behind you, you were able to start living the life you want. You started off by making five promises to yourself:

1.   Daily yoga and meditation.
 2.   Visualize the man you want in your life.
 3.   Focus on your goals.
4.  Always be the best version of yourself.
5.  Let go of your anger.

You stayed true to yourself, and your future has never looked brighter! You are paving your own way. You are now more confident than ever that you will manifest all your dreams. You have stepped into your power, and now you are unstoppable. You see your beauty, and it radiates out, drawing to you all that your heart seeks. The man you desired showed up in your life, and now your heart is opening again. 

For the New Year, I know something amazing is going to happen. You won’t be expecting it, but you will be happily delighted. This is your hard work and faith paying off. Stay alert. Pay close attention to the synchronicities. The spirit world is always guiding you. What will meet you in the New Year will change your life. You’ve never been more in tune with the world around you. Remember, you are the manifestor of your reality, and things are speeding up for you. No more battles to be fought. This will be the year you can lay down your sword and start a new decade with new beginnings. No more sad tears, only happy ones!

All My Love & Light

Monday, September 2, 2019

A Letter to My Lover: Will You Join Me?

dear lover,

i am complicated. i am divinity and darkness. i am nothing and everything all at once. i explore boundaries and go beyond them. i am tamed and pretty when i need to be, but wild and unleashed in my spirit. you will want to know me, but i am unknowable. i love to dance in the rain and make love naked under the stars. what you see in me is only a reflection of the love within yourself. my ache to be known stretches beyond my imagination when imagining all the ways you will come to know me. i have wounds, deep wounds, that have carved out the woman i am today. please know if i give myself to you, i am yours, not just for a fleeing moment, but for as long as you'll keep me. the closer you move towards me, the farther away i will want to move from you. but don't let me. i will want to run, but i will be brave if i know you're holding on to me. i need space to grow and expand my soul, this is how you win my heart, by allowing me to explore myself. i need to know you love me unconditionally, and i will test you. can you handle that? i won't hide that deep down i'm a hot mess, but i'm a beautiful mess of imperfections, ingenious, and chaos. do you still want me? if you say yes, then i am screwed, because that means i am falling in love with you. and even though this scares me, i will take the risk and make myself even more vulnerable to you. so what do you say, will you join me?

Monday, August 19, 2019

If You Stay

dear lover, i hope you decide to stay with me, because i'm done chasing after men begging for their love and affection. just know if you treat me good and if you do stay, i'll love you deep and hard. i hope you can handle that, because I don't do anything half-ass.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A Love Letter To Me: You Have the Power to Inspire

dear me, i love the parts of you that no one else does. i love how you no longer want to keep those parts of you, that you thought were unlovable, hidden. you want to bring them to light. you want to transform them, water them, and see something new grow. your ability to nurture yourself proves that your heart is expanding. and i have to tell you that is amazing! after everything you’ve been through the past two years, you choose love over hate, laughter over sadness, hope over despair.

i know you will achieve great things because you never give up. you keep moving forward, getting back up when you're knocked down and persevere under the most stressful conditions. there is a superpower in you. there is a wonder in you. you believe in yourself when you feel no one else does. that's because, my dear, you know who you are. you know you're a starseed, a co-creator, an author of your own story, which by the way, you’re writing very well. so, keep on doing what you’re doing. keep on being a light onto others. keep on being you! love you!!

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Worth the Investment

dear future lover, just by looking at me you won't be able to see that I am broken. I wear a mask to hide my pain and I carry a shield to protect my heart. and once you realize just how broken I am, you will want to fix me. but all the broken parts of me do not fit back together. they will have to be reshaped and reassembled by someone who is kind, gentle, and patient. someone who sees that investing in me is worth every ounce of effort it will take. 

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Letter to Anyone Who's Lost Me


   I apologize that you didn't see my self-worth, my hidden jewel. I tried my best to tell you that my body is a temple. I even had my spiritual state tattooed on my body. I tried to get you to see the ethereal skies behind my eyes. I tried to teach you there is no such thing as death. I tried to demonstrate how devotion to God is the most important thing. I tried to illustrate how beautiful suffering can be through my writing and how it's transformed me.

   But you were too busy. Yes, you were too busy to see that what God has revealed to my spirit is behind my eyes, buried in my heart. You never saw the glow of my spirit because you were too busy with gossip, work, or diluting yourself in another temporary escape.

  So, I apologize for not wanting to drink alcohol or smoke a joint with you in order for you to feel more comfortable in your own skin. I know I made you uncomfortable. But you should ask yourself why. Why did you prefer small talk when I had so much wisdom to offer you?

   And you will miss me- my honesty, my light. For I shoulder integrity and a love that bears all grievances. I am the kind of woman that is loyal and kind until the end of days. And when the end of your days does come you will think of me and what I stood for will become clear to you. And you will ask yourself, how will my life be remembered?

   The deeper you live, the more you will suffer. But it is through suffering that we birth compassion and a willingness to bear each other's grievances.

All of my affection,

Madison Michelle

Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Letter To My Male Readers

Dear Reader,

This past year has been very difficult. And as a woman whom is healing from the pain of divorce, I use my writing to give my feelings a voice. Seeing the words on paper gives me perspective and helps me understand my needs better and also witness the healing that is taking place. I recognize the parts of me that are in a lot of pain. These parts want to be heard, want to be loved. They are the parts that were rejected by the men that said they loved me.

I understand now that the men whom have come and gone out of my life were broken. They could not love me the way that I needed to be loved. My hope now is that maybe a Husband or Lover out there will hear my words, and instead of ignoring the needs of his Wife or Lover; he will be willing to listen deeply to her worries, desires, and secrets. Not with his ego present condemning her thoughts and feelings because of his own insecurities, but as a true partner that loves her without conditions. With his only desire to ease her suffering and share her burdens.

P.S- If you dumb asses did the laundry more, helped with the kids more, cooked a meal every once in while, or did the dishes; you would get laid more often.

Madison Meadows

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Letter To My Reader: The Fox, Dog, and Hunter

Hopefully I can write down these words of wisdom to you, dear Reader, and they don't come out as complete shit. I don't want to disappoint you and lead you in circles. Only a good hunt with a wise fox can lead one in circles. How clever though that little fox that even the dog loses his scent and loses his reputation as a good hunting dog. When he returns home the hunter will beat him.

Please don't beat me if I out wit you Reader. I will tell you one of my secrets and that is I use more than just my five senses to write. Like that fox that out wits the dog, he is always one step ahead, foreseeing in his broad vision the tailored moves of his enemy the dog. How does he do that you ask? He forgets he's a fox and pretends he's a dog. He then asks himself what would a dog do?

This is intellectual stuff I am sharing with you. Can you forget yourself? Because once you're able to, the world beyond human senses opens up and this one fades away. All living souls blend together in this cosmic soup. The fox, the dog, and the hunter are all one in the same.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

My Letter To Jesus: I Want to Hug You


Next time I see you in my dreams I want to hug you. You have always come to me in my time of need. You remind me that I'm not forgotten and you are always there by my side.

I've lost hope in this world. You remind me that you're my hope and salvation. On my good days I can see the end of my suffering within reach. On my bad days I put myself together in spite of my crushed spirit and put one foot forward to accomplish the day's tasks. I remind myself that this life is temporary and my resurrection body I will put on one day.

And when that day comes I will fly with God speed into your arms and give you the biggest hug ever! For now Lord, be my strength so I can face my challenges and give me your power to overcome my enemies.



Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Letter To My Reader: The Cry To Be Heard

Dear Reader,

You will find that some of my recent posts come across a bit negative. I feel I owe my faithful Reader an explanation. It is no secret I am going through turbulent times and that I am feeling very violent emotions.

But with do respect Reader to you and to myself, I will own my feelings and give them the justice they are seeking. For if they remained void- forever concealed- my whole reality would be a lie. By bringing my emotions to light, I bridle my anger and guide it with gentleness. I validate it's existence.

It is not a hideous monster in me demanding my attention, but a little girl that feels that she's been shoved into a corner and forgotten about. She wants to step out of the shadows and into the light. 

God Bless,

Friday, June 2, 2017

Letter To The Beloved: Send A Helper

Dear Beloved,

My heart has failed me. The walls around my house can not protect me from my enemies. I am hungry and fainting for thirst. Day and night I beg God to help me. He has not replied. My soul has been spoiled by the deeds of my enemies. If I have offended God then may He punish me according to my sin. I no longer have the strength to defend myself. If my house is to be brought down, I pray God does it swiftly. But may my soul live and my eyes bare witness to the injustices of my enemies. 
Pray for me Beloved. Maybe you are still in God's favor and He will hear you and send a helper to me.

With warm regards,

Friday, April 28, 2017

My Letter To God: Doorway Of Change


I know one season has come to an end. I know I must move forward through the doorway of change. Lord, I must confess that I am scared. Please hold my hand and stay by my side. I need to feel you with me. Please reassure me Lord that you are there. That I am not alone. For I know I can accomplish all things through you. Give me strength and courage to walk through the doorway of change.


Friday, March 17, 2017

A Letter To My Reader

Oh Reader, if you are offended by my words, I am not at fault. Sometimes when I pick up the pen I am a jealous lover. Other times an angry wife. And then there are times when I am a curious child. Each written work a unique piece of my soul garment.
My words are not seeking your approval. For it is God that commands my hand. So to those whom loathe me, you will continue to speak ill of me and that is your right. I am certain that even you serve a purpose in my destiny. And dear Reader, I only rush out now to greet it with open arms!

Madison Michelle


Thursday, February 23, 2017

My Letter To God: Hide Me!


I seek your rest, for my soul is very weary. I seek your strength, for my body is weak. I seek your wisdom, for my mind clouded. I seek your courage to get me through this dark night. I seek your mercy to give me grace.
The storm I am in is drowning me. Please God remove all of my fears and guide me through this turbulent time. Lord I beg you! Hide me in the shadow of your wings!

Always Your Most Humble Devotee

Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Letter To Emily Dickinson

Dearest Emily,

What did your heart contemplate?  Did Sue stir violent emotions in your heart?

Your letters are poetic, mysterious, and a glorious treasure! For someone like myself to discover them, they have been a salvation and a resurrection.

I wonder if from heaven you bare witness to your healing masterpiece? I am an admirer who will remember your words- longing, aching for another open heart to receive them. Your words have not lost meaning or purpose in this world you left behind. Behold! I feel you near me when I read them. Your words, spirit lives on!

Your Admirer,

Madison Michelle

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dear Redwood Tree

Dear Redwood Tree,

As I sit under your shade, you provide me relief.  All of my troubles and grief melt away.  Time stops and I can feel your antiquity, your sacredness that humanity has not touched nor perversed.  You seek nothing, want nothing.  You stand straight and command the skies and the earth.  I am in awe of your majesty, your power.  There is no temple, synagogue, or mosque that is as sacred as you.

Your Admirer,

Madison Michelle

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Letter To God- Your Business

Dear God,

Do you intend to leave me in this state?  You reveal to me Eternity and go about your business while I am mortally wounded.  How fair is it of you to abandon your most devoted seeker?

You devastated my landscape.  Everything burned at the moment of your embrace.  You parted ways with my heart- that I eagerly sacrificed.  I touched the spheres of your Eternity and my world has turned now upside down!

There are holes in this reality where I am now a prisoner.  The heavy weight of my flesh keeps me and time as unfriendly jail mates.  Burden me God again with your business!  The business of this world is over rated and the spheres of Eternity are turning inside of me.  They keep me longing for nothing less.

Your Humble Lover

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Letter To Sebastian- No. 2


I had a dream about you.  In the dream you wanted to know more about your mother.  I explained to you that her drug use started shortly after I met her.  It only escalated after you were born.

At the time when I met her, she radiated life.  She was very charismatic, very artistic, just a very colorful human being.  She was a very beautiful woman that other women envied for her beauty.  Her intelligence could out wit or trap a man. This is how I once knew her.

Then her drug addiction took over her life completely.  Her hidden traits and darker parts of her soul consumed her.  All the beauty was gone.  

Sebastian, your mother had the presence of mind to give you up because she knew you deserved a better life.  She did this because she loved you.  

There is so much about her that is a mystery to me.  Over the years I have tried my best to keep tabs on her.  I pray for her everyday. I pray she finds God and lives long enough to be reunited with you. 

Your mother often dropped you off and I would look after you. You were the whole reason that I wanted kids of my own.  Now your cousins are seven and ten years old.  They hear me talk often about you.  How I hope you get to meet them someday.

You are a precious gift to the world.  Never forget you are dearly loved.  God bless you Sebastian.

Love you with all my heart and soul,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Letter To My Reader: Your Guilt

Dear Reader,

As you walk your path in life, know that as long as you walk in guilt you are trapped in time.  Christ was guiltless, and the guilty hung him on the cross.  Eternity is the wholeness of God's love.
Your guilt does not serve you on your journey.  It is useless to God.  The chains of time are bound by guilt.  Slip back into eternity where you are not judged.  Don't let the carpet of time roll up on you as your days come to past.  Learn to judge yourself through God's loving eyes.  Others will judge your heart, but they are only fit to judge in time with the ego.
In time, confusion and distortion of the truth exist.  As you awaken, the truth will set you free.  You must be courageous enough to uphold it.

God Bless, 
Madison Michelle