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Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Dream of Noah's Ark

From Journal Entry 9/2013

I am standing in front of the Ark.  Noah is there with the animals. Noah is like a giant. The air is vibrating with God's consciousness. It penetrates my being. I feel alive and am in awe of Noah's greatness. Everything from the animals, the landscape, the sky is beautiful.

The story of Noah would take on a personal spiritual meaning for me. As I dug deeper into the mystical meaning of Noah and the Ark, I would find it's value that spoke to my core answering my questions, "Why am I really here, why is the world the way it is, and who am I ?" It's value extends to all of humanity, speaks to our divinity, sheds light on our suffering, and how to begin the journey back to the Godhead.

To understand the story of Noah, one must begin in the Garden of Eden where man and woman walked and talked with God before their fall from grace. When Cain and Abel come along, your introduced to the divinity within us and the ego that corrupts our divinity.  Noah represents the true nature of our soul, which when cultivated like a seed can be enlightened.  The ark represents stages of developing our heavenly body and preparing it for the union with God. It is only then that one is "born again" through a process of purging and purifying, liberating us from human suffering.

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