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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Noah's Ark- Part 5

"But Noah found grace in the eyes of Iod-Chavah." Genesis 6:8

The Hebrew name Noah has two letters.  The first letter, Nun, represents a fish.  The second letter, Chet, is the root of the word Chai, "life".  The name Noah hides these elements: the fish and life itself.  

The fish represents the life forces in the water.  The source of our lives is the sexual energy.  The sperm and ovum are "fish" in the waters of sexuality.  When combined life emerges. The fish is the core symbol in all religions.  Thus "Noah" is a seed hidden inside us.  Noah is the seed of the soul.

Noah represents the true nature of our psyche (the consciousness, the soul, the buddha nature)- a pure, radiant spark of the divine, which through a specific science can be grown into an angel, buddha, master, etc.
"So Elohim created Adam in their image." Genesis 1:27
The Hebrew word Elohim is plural: it means gods and goddesses.