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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Medicine Wheel on Marriage

The four directions of the medicine wheel are south, west, north, and east. If you draw a line from west to south, than a line from east to south, you have a "V". The west is where women live (emotions). The east is where men live (mind). When women and men meet in the south it is for physical encounters. They then return to the west and east, and talk about what they think and feel.

Most relationships are all west, east, and south. Most relationships don't have a north (spirit). After you have made love your instincts were awakened and we shot up to the north. This reawakening is so over whelming that they think they are in love and marry. But reality sinks in and your thrown into the west and east life experiences, which consist of who works, who pays the bills, and so on. Then there is endless discussion of what I think about what you said and what you feel about what I think. What's left out is movement to the north. West and east movement promotes understanding and knowledge. But enlightenment and intuition and spirit comes from a south-north movement, one that is motivated by your instincts.

If you live without south-north movement you feel as if you are losing your soul. You feel like you are dying. There is transformation in movement south and north, never west and east.

This is why so many men and women go out on their mates. They feel they are losing their soul, and they don't know why. Men and women need to find something that involves the manifestation of spirit into substance and substance back to spirit.

~Zoila, Star Woman & Dark Sister by Lynn Andrews