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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Without A Lot of Hoopla

That conch shell you crawled into on land, then grew so large in there, you got stuck-

I am going to help get you out.  It is just a matter now of whether I should use my hammer,

or chant some magic words that could knock twenty pounds off your ego and/or waistline. 

Then you could just slip back into God without a lot of hoopla and sweat on both our parts.

Sorry though.  I don't think there is any special tonic, or voodoo, to remedy a plight quite like yours.

So brace yourself sweetheart. Here I come!

Reference~ Rumi

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bartering Your Being

If I was skilled in bartering, I would recognize a flawless diamond from other diamonds. What is the price of bartering your being?  And how could I ever justify bartering to keep you?  I could not do such a thing!  I had to completely abandon you to have any guarantees of having your most valuable possession.  You sacrificed yourself so I could claim it.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Path of Discomfort

People are often offended by the knowledge they need most.  We resist our deepest education... While we seek agreement, protection, and security, our best path may be towards discomfort.

Reference~ Not in His Image, John Lash

Monday, October 14, 2013

Greater Need

How is all of your substance to be absorbed into my being without your absence?  Your absence birthed my being.  Love must bend to the greater need.

If I held you near me at all times, how could I disappear into you?  Ordinary men reject to this kind of pain.  You are not an ordinary man.  Meeting your greater need requires separation.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sapphire's Letter to Arion: Arion's Weaknesses


When have you ever displayed your vulnerability towards me?  Such a gesture would sway my heart and put an end to my self destructive habits.  One-third of your self you have revealed to me.  The rest of you lies in your weaknesses you keep hidden.

You remain impassive even as I endure the insults of others.  Many voyages I would take to you to fulfill your need.  Yet my need remains ignored.  Are you the same one who was cooked in union, and now stands outside the door waiting to come in? 

To hell with your reputation and what others think of you!  We are indifferent with each other. I am always willing to submit to your every command.  I have opened the door to your cage and you behave like a prudent bird unwilling to abandon it. 

Your insensitivity towards me only makes me wish I could vanish from this world.  Then there would be no trace of me and it would leave you to wonder whether I was killed by my enemy.  I would then not be entangled in the affairs of this world or of the heart.  I would be the bird set free!

Your Darling

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Wisdom and The Whore

Wisdom came to seduce a man's spirit, to win his heart through her mystery.  She spoke to his heart with her heart.  Man was drawn to her mysteries.
The unknown qualities of love draws a man's spirit upwards.  These are the hidden aspects of divine love.

The whore seduced the man and shared his bed.  She sentenced herself and him to a lifetime of death.  The sexual appetite was animalistic; therefore of the flesh and not divine.  The whore keeps a man bound to the flesh.  He continues to fall into the world of the gods, missing the mark by his untamed animalistic desires.

Wisdom came to seduce a man's spirit, so as to free him from the chains of death and rebirth.  Only Wisdom offers release from the flesh.  She only demands that you sacrifice your heart.