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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poem- Womb

The energy that filled her,
stalked her.
It reached the darkness
inside of her.
She tried to control it-
but couldn't.
She would have to submit
to it.
She would have to trust that
it knew what it was doing.
Her ego died,
and the light in her womb
burned brighter.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Poem- Forgiveness

Her perception bended-
Faith held her hand.
The Great Spirit moved in-
stealing her breath.
When she moved,
it moved with her.
She inhaled,
it swallowed her pain.
She exhaled,
it was pure ecstasy.
She licked her wounds,
and embraced her spirit.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Channeling- The meaning behind "Divinity"

In one of my earlier post, there is a poem published, titled Divinity. Some of my writing is channeled and Divinity was one of them. Here it is again and my interpretation of Divinity.

He grew with his angel,
and suckled at her breast.
Two worlds apart,
unable to join them together.

Let's break it down into two parts. The angel (being like mother) represents the outer world. He (being like child from womb) represents the inner world.
In the Gospel of Thomas Jesus says, "These babies who are being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom." The kingdom is hidden by the division into the male and female and by the storms of passion and worldly cares that dominate our lives.
The physical bond of mother and child shows the reader to see and realize their higher calling. The union of male and female becomes androgynous and one could conclude this is in the likeness of God.
If we can overcome our humanly desires we become like children. Then we have managed to combine our inner and outer worlds. We are then able to enter the spiritual realm of God. Our lives are transformed once we have united with the Christ spirit, our soul, and our body. We see the world with new eyes (like a baby).

~Reference Beloved Disciple, Robin Griffith-Jones

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poem-Spiral Dance

The tears came.
He held them back for so long.
He allowed himself to feel.
Emotions stirred in his belly.
How could he control this passion?
One can not extinguish the sun.
The masterpiece he created,
he realized had no frame.
It left him vulnerable.
It left him exposed.
For the magic to work,
he would have to join the dance.

Friday, January 14, 2011

The Story of Sapphire and Arion:Meeting

The journey was long. The road at times was steep and treacherous. Sapphire continued on her path. From a distance an image emerged. She was moving closer to it. She could make out that it was a man.
Arion traveled the same road. The sun at its peak of the day- knowing in its infinite wisdom that their two paths would cross. When their eyes met, Sapphire saw the stars and felt the stars. Their worlds joined.
The power that dwelled in Arion longed to be recognized. Trying to read his thoughts, Sapphire was blocked. It was as if he knew her darkness and yet it didn't frighten him away. They were at crossroads. Words were unspoken. He had to wait for her invitation. Arion understood her need for solitude-for work, for dreaming. She took his hand in hers. That was her way of submission, but he could not lead her. He would have to follow. He knew that what ever direction he moved, it was for eternity.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Poem- Black Smoke

Her belly ached
Her heart ached
Ached to be loved
and full
Her poison
was attacking
Its own body
Her object
of her affection
had remorse
and regret
Her pain
filled her with hate
She lost herself
and she died out
Like a fire

Poem- Seducer

A woman in scorn,
that has been beaten and torn.
Lives on the edge of the unborn.
She dwells in darkness,
created by man's sins.
She finds justice,
and preys on a man's weakness.
They then become her victim.
Love taken away,
to savor in her next day.
She stows their power,
and the role- she likes to play.
A collection of souls,
she has kept with their bones.
She leaves them mad and alone.

The Medicine Wheel on Marriage

The four directions of the medicine wheel are south, west, north, and east. If you draw a line from west to south, than a line from east to south, you have a "V". The west is where women live (emotions). The east is where men live (mind). When women and men meet in the south it is for physical encounters. They then return to the west and east, and talk about what they think and feel.

Most relationships are all west, east, and south. Most relationships don't have a north (spirit). After you have made love your instincts were awakened and we shot up to the north. This reawakening is so over whelming that they think they are in love and marry. But reality sinks in and your thrown into the west and east life experiences, which consist of who works, who pays the bills, and so on. Then there is endless discussion of what I think about what you said and what you feel about what I think. What's left out is movement to the north. West and east movement promotes understanding and knowledge. But enlightenment and intuition and spirit comes from a south-north movement, one that is motivated by your instincts.

If you live without south-north movement you feel as if you are losing your soul. You feel like you are dying. There is transformation in movement south and north, never west and east.

This is why so many men and women go out on their mates. They feel they are losing their soul, and they don't know why. Men and women need to find something that involves the manifestation of spirit into substance and substance back to spirit.

~Zoila, Star Woman & Dark Sister by Lynn Andrews

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Poem-The Stars

slipping away
coming and going
bending in form
but to speak
stars dance
and in sync
its memories
to just be

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poem-Inward Sun

As my thoughts gather
nourishment from the sun

All has come undone

As I feel the wind
fiery on my cheek

I surrender to its power

Letting go of my fear
and birthing my inward sun

The wind ceasing to exist