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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dream of Buddhist Temple

"Whoever can see through fear will always be safe." Lao Tzu

   I'm standing in front of a beautiful Buddhist temple. I become lucid and aware that I am dreaming. I eagerly want to explore the temple. Suddenly, a black cloud approaches me and tries to enter my body. With courage I say, "I will stomp out my enemies!" I stomp my foot on the ground with authority. The cloud turns into a rag, then falls to the ground. Grey clouds form in the background and are quickly moving in. The temple is no longer visible.

   A temple represents psychological or emotional refuge. I want to find balance and recenter myself after a difficulty. The black cloud represents a lower energy mass present in my space. It is a lingering negative energy who's presence is making me aware of the negative things that I'm trying to get out of my life and that are being released. The grey clouds represent the upcoming end of depression. Also, a life ahead without much troubles.

   My divorce was finalized last summer. I still was dealing with a lot of negativity. Things have changed drastically since then, and I am in a much better head and heart space. I recently stumbled on Taoism, Teaching of the Way, and began to listen to Lao Tzu teachings on YouTube.

  In China, Buddhism and Taoism are considered identical in concepts. Some Taoism concepts:

Life is suffering only if you do not follow the Dao.

Conquer your problems instead of running away.

Make it good, don't wait for the next life.

Stay healthy so you can live a very long life.

Work with nature, not conquer or harness Nature.

Be kind, lead a simple life with as few attachments.

Be aware of the illusionary nature and fragility of status, power, beauty, wealth, etc.

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