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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Story of Sapphire and Arion: The Whole Rope

Arion could not put a frame around her.  He could not put a frame around himself.  All his thoughts struggled to put a frame around himself and her.

What Arion experienced was outside of time and space.  Sapphire was a part of that experience.  He transcended the knowingness of reality and everything in his coming experiences would be forever altered.  

Time was a knot that tied them together.  In his state of transcendence, Arion could see the whole rope.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Prayer: True Being

You who are my true Being,
you who are my Internal God,
Enlighten me.  Help me.
Make me see my own defects.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Sip of Fresh Air

Are you gone for good or coming back?  Which is it?  Love demands an answer! 
I have become a torture to all those around me.  I lack mindfulness and my bad habits are multiplying.  Everyone around me plays dead.  All of my insides are tangled up. 
A sip of fresh air would cure me of all of my ailments.  For God sake send me back to you!

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Ropes of Our Yesterdays

This love story of ours
is starting to feel fictional
we've destroyed our bodies
and dissolved into a world
that only we know the entrance into
my words echo 
both our longings and sufferings
the ropes of our yesterdays
we swing on to remind us
to not get drunk on our egos
and give reverence
to wisdom of days passed
the past crumbles away
and the Creator reminds us
of what does not exist. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Press Release: Our Day of Passing

Coming this summer: Our Day of Passing: An Anthology of Short Stories, Poems, Fiction, and Essays on death.  In Ingrid Hall's ebook there will be an essay I wrote about spiritual death, "The Lovers' Death." I will post the entirety of the essay after the release date. Link to ebook preview:

Friday, April 3, 2015

The Death of Ignorance, The Light of Truth

Look at the effects of sin in your world.  Is this what you want?  You look upon the Son of God with sin hanging on the cross.  You choose not to look past your reality you have created and see the reality created by the Holy Spirit.

He who attacks with hate and vengeance in his heart has faith in sin.  The murder of innocent blood spilled is great ignorance. The sin of man is born in fear.  Man frantically looks for the enemy to protect his own life.  Ignorantly man has placed his life in death. Those who attack are fearful.  They have attached themselves to the body.  They fear death.  

Jesus knew the truth of the crucifixion.  He did not fear death.  Death had no hold on Him.  Love for His father had consumed him. That body on the cross is a garment worn by the holy eternal spirit.  Jesus knew this- he was attached to the Living God.  This is what you fail to recognize.

He did not need to defend the Kingdom.  The Kingdom is truth.  Truth does not need to defend itself. Death is a friendly companion when one perceives it in the Light of Holiness.  Jesus’ message is the resurrection of spirit.

The hell you’ve created for yourself is the unwillingness on your part to see with clear perception beyond the veil. You have taught yourself how to kill because you believe you can be killed.  God cannot be killed and you are a part of God.  In God, you are whole.  Outside of God, you see a fragmented world- split off from God.  Your reality is created by your thoughts.  If you are fearful of death, you do not see clearly. 

God’s mysteries are cloaked from your eyes.  He remains hidden because you choose not Him.  Until you remove the hatred and fear from your heart you will not be able to get a glimpse of Eternity.  Surrender your sword and take up the armor of truth. The qualities of truth are holiness, love, peace, and joy.

God is love.  His only desire is love.  Love for all His creation.  He will not pass judgment on anyone.  That would mean to look upon sin and sin in not in His nature.  Sin is only in man’s nature. Seek the divine within.  Your search outside of yourself is foolish and only causes you to stray further away from the Kingdom.