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Friday, July 31, 2015

Our Day of Passing Now Available! My Essay: The Lovers' Death

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When a person encounters their twin soul, it is as if eternity has opened up and on a deeper level there is the recognition of belonging to the other.  The Lovers are in love with the other’s true self.  This mirroring back to each other is essential for cultivating the seed necessary for union; through the death of the ego.

A connection is first established in the instant of the eyes meeting the other’s eyes.  Through this intense magnetism a tunnel is created from the heart of one to the heart of the other.  They can live thousands of miles apart and still maintain the nourishment of the energy between them. 

One knows the tunnel is activated by words that are felt.  For example, a song can play on the radio and all of a sudden your hair stands up on end and the lover comes to mind.  It’s as if the Universe is speaking to you the language of love.  Also, the dream world is a place where the lovers often meet to convey feelings and thoughts to each other.  Confucius describes the inner connection as, “my heart in sympathy with yours.”

This inner connection feels like they share a destiny together.  There is much adjustment in the beginning brought on by fear, doubt, and hesitation.  One feels madness that one has gone completely insane. For both to succeed, the ego must die and the ‘true self’ must emerge and take over the direction of their lives. 

When the Lovers have moved past humanly desires and the ego is no longer present, union is possible.  Only by observing chastity are the Lovers able to guide the sexual energy between them inward, which then makes a way upward, thereby transcending reality and merging with the other (the Beloved) in pure ecstasy.  During this blissful state, they are swallowed up into a larger awareness. The Lovers emerge with new eyes to see the world.

The I Ching says, “Their approach towards each other has come from a high place.”  If the Lovers trust this love and bind themselves to God, Creator, Christ, etc., then they can enrich the lives of the people around them.  They know sincerity, patience, and faith adds growth to the others true self and this free flowing energy extends to others.

Hafiz says, “Loving is the greatest freedom and fulfillment, so the wise, being wise, cash in on that.”  Loving wisely is allowing your feelings for the other to mature gradually by observing chastity.  Alchemy takes place when there is a longing for the eternal Beloved.  The virtues of chastity unveils God’s secret, revealing the Beloved in all His splendor.

The Lovers learn about the power of their love through their interactions with each other on the invisible level.  Their trust becomes so strong that they know what the other is feeling at all times.  When they recognize their mutual destiny together, the love between them will grow and bloom. 

Love is the energy that holds the Cosmos together.  It comes through the Lovers and is their source.  It is a gift that frees them from their ego and awakens the divine within.  Learning to love in this new way takes humility, patience, and tenderness.  Developing this type of love, one must become entirely dependent on God.  The Lovers path is knowing God through his beautiful creation. A pure heart sees the death of the ego as a bridge he or she must cross to reach the eternal Beloved. 

My sincere gratitude to Ingrid Hall for extending my vision, enlarging my audience, and seeing the value in my writing.