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Friday, July 10, 2015

Sapphire's Letter To Layla: Survelliance

Dearest Layla,

A woman who suspects her husband of any foul play will quietly, secretly keep him under watch.  She will keenly lay traps for her husband and his lover in hopes of catching them in the act.

But what fault have I committed against you or God? None. You will not find any because I only possess noble virtues.

All your traps you set, I have bystepped them all.  I will not fall into a jealousy love trap of yours! I assure you that I hold myself in high esteem and desire more than anything to be in the high esteem of all others.

So lay as many traps as you wish.  I will not succumb to any weakness brought on by fear, doubt, anger, or even desire! My eyes are set on Eternity and I will not risk losing Eternity for a fleeing moment of humanly desire.

Surely by now I have won your sympathy.  Do you not see how I suffer?  Yet, you deny me any compassion or repose.  I have been treated unjustly, while the close keeping of your husband has only spoiled your character.

Like seeds blown in the wind, we must adapt to our new surroundings.  I strive to adapt and grow.  And I thrive only on love, as all true lovers do.  Love always, and ever, and true!

With love and affection,