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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Taoist Mystics

~If the spirit is overused it gets exhausted, while if the body is overworked it wears out.  When the body and spirit separate, then you die.   ~ Sima Tan

~What increases our possessions diminishes our spirit.  What gives birth to our fame deals death to our bodies.     Yan Cun

~Stillness and silence are the house to safeguard virtue; purity and calm are the garden where the spirit may roam.   ~Yang Xiong

~Spirit is the font of intelligence; when spirit is pure, intelligence is clear.  Intelligence is the capital of mind; when intelligence is impartial, the mind is even.   ~Wen-tzu

~Higher learning is heard by spirit, middle learning is heard by mind, lower learning is heard by ear.   ~Wen-tzu

~Human nature wants peace, but indulgence in desire spoils this.   ~Wen-tzu