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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dream Of God Answering My Prayer, Part 2

The Exhale For Mercy

Prayer has always been a path for union with God. The inhale breath communicates our longing to God. There are nine levels of prayer leading to union. They were established by Father Archimandrite Ilie Cleopa.

The prayer of the lips
The mouth
The tongue
The voice
The mind
The heart
The active prayer
The all seeing prayer
The contemplative prayer

The exhale breath is the cry for mercy. If my prayer is sincere and my longing great, then it is always accompanied by an outpouring of tears. In the sacred space of emptiness, I have created intimacy with God. There is a presence felt and colors of soft pastel green and/or pink descend from above into my crown chakra. It is this experience that validates the mercy given freely from the Holy Spirit, and my tears become tears of gratitude. 

Reference~ Sophia Rising, Monette Chilson