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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sapphire's Purpose

Death whispered sweet melodies in her ear.  Sapphire recognized the voice of an old companion.  He had greeted her at her deathbed over many lifetimes.  How she longed to embrace Death and be cradled in his arms.
The Living never understood her mysteries.  Most of them feared her.  Sapphire loved them nevertheless.  They mirrored her insecurities that she kept hidden from their eyes.  They echoed a distant cry of loneliness that she herself often bare listen too.  Their lips dripped blood of obedience to a God unseen- how she knew the taste of blood.
Sapphire wanted them to embrace their dark shadow.  She wanted them to see the beauty in Death.  She would dedicate her life to the Living that longed for their native land.  Sapphire would instruct them on life and how to die a little death everyday.  This would aide them on their journey from this womb into eternity.