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Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Story of Sapphire and Arion: Sapphire's Rise

   Sapphire went to bed to weep for the man she loved. The sting of rejection hurt worse than the words from Thaddeus' mouth. It set a tidal wave into motion inside of her. Sapphire had prepared herself for the emotional storm that she'd foreseen.
   In her vision, Sapphire stood on the top of a mountain. Below, the sea was rising with great force swiftly up the mountainside.  Sapphire looked up at the sky for a sign and saw a flash of lightning. Clouds were forming, forewarning of an oncoming danger and rapid changes. Sapphire invited the storm into her life.
   Sapphire had hoped her husband would read her soul and catch a glimpse of her inner state. She wanted Thaddeus to show her compassion. 
   Now Sapphire was cocooned in pain, fear, humiliation, and chaos. From it, Sapphire imagined she would emerge as a butterfly. Without spilling blood, she would rise above the storm. Inside Thaddeus' waking dream, she was leaving him traces of herself in her poetry.