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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Dream Message: Adam's Book

A woman in my dream says, "Don't let one forget those things that are lost."

Shortly after having this dream I began reading, Wheels of a Soul. There's a part in the book that talks about the Great Flood and the Tower of Babel that destroyed the entire world and erased every memory of what happened up to that point. The Bible and the Zohar both record a past civilization that was different than our own and maybe even greater. Did man possess advanced knowledge in ancient times? 

The Zohar explains that God did indeed send down a book to Adam from which Adam became acquainted with the supernal wisdom of the Light. This book was brought down to Adam by the master of mysteries, the Angel Raziel. The book later came into the hands of the "sons of the Lord"- that is, the wise souls of their generation. Whoever was privileged to peruse it acquired the wisdom of the Light and its awesome power. Three angels always accompanied and kept watch over the book so as to prevent its falling into improper hands. When Adam was expelled from the Garden of Eden, he tried to keep the book, but it flew out of his hands. Weeping, he prayed to the Lord for its return. It was given back to him in order that wisdom would not be forgotten, and that mankind might strive to obtain knowledge of The Creator by understanding the Light. Happy are those people of exalted spiritual piety to whom the wisdom has been revealed, and by whom it will never be forgotten. As the Bible states: "The secret of the Lord is with them."

Reference~ Wheels of a Soul by Rav P.S. Berg