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Monday, May 9, 2016

My Story- Mother's Day

My daughter's artwork, 8 yrs
My children remind me to see the world as a constant play (creation) taking place all around and within. As they create art and act out their own stories, they remind me of my own divinity, my soul, that is pure and innocent- always seeking expression.

My daughter loves to express her thoughts and feelings through art. Often she writes me letters and draws me pictures. She crafts different ideas onto paper of all the things she loves. They become her own unique expressions on her view of the world and all the things in it.

My son is an old soul. In the past he has given me messages in dreams. At the age of six, he was walking with me in a dream. It happened to be my childhood home. As we were walking he said, "The fact you have fortification is the song."
To fortify something is to strengthen it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. To make strong against attacks.
My son, 12 years

 My son wrote this to me on Mother's Day. It brought me to tears. It reads, "Michelle, loving, caring, supportive. Who enjoys reading, her family, and writing. Who feels the need to read and write. Who wonders if there's more to life than what we realize. Who fears nothing. Who cares about her family and god. Who is able to read and write very good. Who dreams about the future."