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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Astral Projection-The Nature of Andrew

From Journal Entry 1/22/2011

There is a storm brewing and it is big!  The bottom of my feet are magnets.  I magnetize my feet to a round piece of metal that takes me to a building.  I ask a woman whom I can talk to about the storm.  She sends me to a guy's office.  I find him and I tell him that I want to know who's thoughts are trying to harm me.  He doesn't know the cause.  He tells me to visit the storm and learn its nature.  He says to invest in Dam Andrew Territory and buy property for $20.

Dream symbols:
Storm- symbolizes my rising spirituality, rapid changes ahead of me
Magnets- personal empowerment, some force is bonding my relationships together
Number 20- in need of support
Investment- my preparation for the future, laying out a solid groundwork for success

I would turn to the bible for further guidance and seek out the apostle Andrew.  What I would find would speak to me intimately.  So began my study of Andrew and the understanding of my storm.

References ~The Apocryphal New Testament (The Acts of Andrew) by J.K. Elliott