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Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Astral Project

Astral projection is an out of body experience. This is a basic step by step guide to willfully dissociate consciousness from the physical body. There's a lot to gain from astral travel. The possibilities are limitless. The astral world is made up of thought forms of human desire and imagination.
You want to have a clear space with no distractions. It also helps to be at your best physically. Being healthy aids in the flow of energy. The key to a successful journey is intention and relaxation. It will be more helpful to focus on where you are going. When targeting a person or place in ordinary reality focus and try to hold the image of the person or place you have in mind. When you are fully relaxed:
1. Visualize your second self
2. Notice details of yourself
3. Let your consciousness flow to your second self
4. Scan the place around you
5. Move about the room
6. Consider further explorations in your new vehicle.
Move through your house, the neighborhood, or you may target a person or place at a distance and journey to them.
My experience with leaving the body is I usually feel a sudden jolt. At first you may feel frightened when there is the realization that you are detached from your body. Then the next thing that will happen to me is I'll feel like I'm zooming upwards through a tunnel of stars at lightning speed. Within a few seconds I will arrive at my destination.
There is a vast amount of knowledge located on the astral plane. There are esoteric schools, libraries, the house of time (where you can travel backwards and forward in time), and much more.
Conscious dreaming is an excellent preparation for the challenges that lie before you in this life and for the challenges of the journey you will make after death.

Resources~Dream Gates, Robert Moss