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Friday, September 10, 2010

Poem- The Butterfly

I long to be transformed
spirit renewed
A polarity of opposites
battling it out inside of me
My worst fears speak to me
Their language sets my soul on fire
Engulfed in flames
my flesh falls away
I am bones
I am horrified
The ringlets of stench
rise in the air
The pungent smell is repulsive to me
It is more than I can bare
My bones fall away to the earth
I am spirit
Still moving about
No pain
A butterfly perches on my bones
Flapping vigorously its wings
Inviting more to come
I watch in wonderment as a colorful
blanket covers what's left of me
I think how beautiful the display
I forget about my fear
I am in complete awe
I imagine my spirit being the butterfly
My soul takes flight
Wings of gold, red, yellow, and blue
are my attire
I leave behind what is left of me
No sadness
The sky calling me
I fly towards the sun
A renascence of knowing
I am returning home