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Monday, November 7, 2011

Aegeate's Mistress- Part 4

Aegeate's was an enemy and savage.  Maximilla's marriage was arranged by her mother and father.  Maximilla felt unclean when she slept with her husband. 
Andrew prays to the Lord to protect her and asks her to sleep apart from her visible husband and wed her to her inner husband.  Maximilla planned for a servant girl named Euclia to sleep with her husband.  In return she would give her what ever she desired; jewels, clothing, fine linen, etc.
Euclia flaunted her gifts to the other slave girls.  They became jealous.  Aegeates learned everything in detail.  Aegeates was infuriated at Euclia's boosting and has her tongue cut out and threw her outside.  She stayed there for several days without food and became food for the dogs.

Reference~ The Apocryphal New Testament, The Acts of Andrew