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Monday, August 14, 2017

I Miss Me

I use to love adventures
I use to be spontaneous
I use to make myself laugh
I miss me
When did my life become so heavy?
Get so serious?
When did I become so angry?
So depressed?
I miss me

If you see a little girl in your dreams-
all alone gazing at the stars,
exploring the woods,
building forts out of mud-
Tell her I miss her

Send her back home

I just want to love her,
and hug her,
and spoil her
Tell her I will reverse myself
and grow down
I'm done being a grown up
I'd rather be her
before society came and dragged her down
and enslaved her

She believed the world was magical, gentle
She believed anything was possible and
dreams really can come true
What I would give to be inside of her 
and see the world through her eyes-
to have hope again,
to really feel alive,
and connected to spirit

If you see her inside your dreams-
tell her that if she ever sees me
that I will play with her,
I will take her by the hand, 
and for the length of a dream
I will forget I am a grown up.