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Monday, August 7, 2017

Dream of Yoga and Shiny Things

From Journal Entry 4/4/17

   I am in a car trying to reach a yoga studio. I reach it and there is a lot of sand. It is in a secluded beach area. There is a woman there. She is the instructor.

   My best friend and I join in for yoga. We are told to hold hands. We begin with arm warm ups. My friend is told by a woman that she is beautiful but needs to go to the doctor.  

   My friend tells me, “Men are seduced by nice things. When they surround themselves with friends whom have lust in their hearts for power, wealth, and women; it will lead them astray.”

   The beach is symbolic of the meeting between two states of mind. The sand represents my shift in perspective about my marriage and the mental processes involved. The water symbolizes the emotional processes involved. With yoga as my spiritual practice, I will able to balance my mind, heart, and body to adapt to the coming changes in my life. My friend’s message sheds light on human nature in general and how easily men or women can be led away from God.

   I do end up going to a doctor for female problems. I am told I need a hysterectomy. I decide to change my diet and work on healing my body instead.