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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Dream of Jesus Christ

From Journal Entry 10/2/03

During this time in my life I had a falling out with my brother. I had a lot of guilt about what had happened and was deeply saddened by the end results. The following dream came to me after many prayers for forgiveness.

I was standing in a beautiful temple. A person met me at the entrance and asked, "Who do you want to see?" I replied, "Jesus." Jesus stood in the center of the temple. He had shoulder length dirty blond hair, thin, average heighth, and the most amazing piercing blue eyes. Another woman was there waiting to speak to Jesus. She was very anxious to talk to Jesus. I let her go before me. As I am waiting I could sense that Jesus could read my thoughts. I felt nervous probably because I felt an attraction to him. I thought to myself I shouldn't be having these thoughts. I couldn't take my eyes off of him. I woke up before I talked to him.

What makes a dream spiritually meaningful is its power to bring people closer to the sacred. As the dreamer I experienced an intimate bond with Jesus. My passion to know more about his teachings was greater after I had the dream. I also was able to forgive and began the healing process I desperately desired.

Healing dreams are mostly superconscious in origin. They may occur in your bed, nature, or in a temple. It may be a direct touch by an angel or symbolized as a visit from a doctor, priest, or unknown loving being. You may be given a shot, herb, pill, operation, or a beam of light. Sometimes your given instructions to aid your recovery. These healings are a direct result of prayers.
Note~ I choose the picture of Jesus above because of the eyes.

Reference~Spiritual Dreaming by Kelly Bulkeley