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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dream of Chemical Warfare and Syria

From Journal Entry 9/9/2013

There was a celebration at a woman's house.  She is surrounded by friends.  There are many candles on her kitchen counter.  Someone lights the first candle and all the other candles mysteriously light on their own.  Everyone is perplexed by this but thinks nothing of it.  The woman  then blows one of the candles out and notices a foul odor.  She suddenly realizes that the candles are the same candles her company manufactures and produces for chemical warfare. She refers to them as lice. She is panicked and begins to swat the smoke from in front of her face.  She and the crowd are now desperately trying to get out of the house.  Bugs begin to crash into her kitchen window.  Once outside a boy is foaming at the mouth dying painfully.

I see myself in outer space praying and crying to God asking, why is man so cruel to each other? 

Dream Meaning:

A military strike in Syria would spark a war.  The candles represent the weapons that we have supplied to other countries, that in turn will use them against us.  The lice has dual meaning- first, this is something we should distance ourselves from and secondly, literally lies. There are many lies being told to perhaps propagate a war.
A military strike would have devastating effects on everyone and animal life. It would ignite a war unforeseen and unimaginable.  The lost of human life inevitable.  Lastly, outer space means something that has just comes out of nowhere.  We won't know the targets of the enemy.

Chemical Weapons 101

Chemical weapons can be delivered in solid, liquid, or gas forms.  World War I saw the use of chemical warfare agents, those that affect the lungs- chloride gas and chlorine gas.  The Germans used it on British soldiers, killing hundreds. 

Another type of chemical warfare agent is nitrogen mustard gas.  It was used in the Iran-Iraq war.  It mains, cripples, and kills many whose flesh blisters away or who dies from asphyxiation.

Thirdly, the nerve gas agents.  These chemicals act by unhooking the nerves one from the other by chemically interfering in the nerve synapse, resulting in complete loss of neuralgic control.  Symptoms may range from palpitations and severe sweating to paralysis, convulsions, and death.  Assad is suspected of using this type of chemical weapon on the Syrian people.

It is my deepest prayer that a peaceful solution will put an end to the immediate threat of war.