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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lady of the Sun

A whisper on the wind,
A bird carried on the breeze;
Sends its message to the Goddess of the Sea.
Letting her know the Lady of the Sun
will visit her, to show her what is to come.
The bird nestled on her waters
so gallantly calm, sings a glorious and poetic song.
As night beckons to hasten the bird away-
The moon appears glistening in a luster
of silver and gray.
The God of the Moon shouts down,
"So what is it that is to come?"
Now hinting in colors of a brindled plum.
The Goddess of the Sea enchanted in colors
of amber caressing her face-
Lifts the bird with her gentle waves and grace.
Shifting her attention now that the bird is keen-
Replies, "I don't know. I'm waiting here patiently
for the Lady of the Sun to come to me!"
The moon slowly drifts away,
to sleep until the next day.
The sun comes out to brighten the day-
wearing a crown of gold and a gown of magnificent
silk in brilliant array.
The Goddess of the Sea looks up grinning in her way.
And in reply, "This is the same message I get everyday!"