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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

It Hurts You

it hurts you
to watch her go through hell
you want to be there for her
but circumstances beyond your control
prevent you
you want to tell her
everything will be okay
that you will always
be there for her
but you know
that’s not possible
you feel like you’ve abandoned her
that you’ve let her down
but she knows you’re there
in your own way
sometimes coming as a subtle thought
to gently remind her
you are thinking of her
you haven’t forgotten her smile
or the way she makes you feel
and when that thought
is strong enough
she smiles in her heart
and her face lights up
you don’t see it
but i promise you
she knows how much
she means to you
even when you’re so far away
living your life
the best that you know how
she feels you
don’t you love the way she loves you?
how she keeps you feeling alive on the inside?
remember this next time you’re in pain
and ache to hold her
but can’t
remember she loves you regardless