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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Starry Princess

The starry Princess gazed up at the night sky.  
All the stars illuminated her mind.
Beyond their glow,
beyond their burn-
was another realm, a secret world.
All the idols in her life,
were but idols she watched fade and die.
When she looked up into the stars,
she could perceive time coming undone.
"How is it the stars hang like lights
against a black darkened sky?
Who put them there?
Who created such mystery?
Who is the creator that really wrote the stars history?"
She pondered on through the night
about such questions that lay veiled behind
a moon filled blackened sky.
When the Princess's intensity of her search ceased to end,
she witnessed something magical from Heaven sent.
Shooting straight in front of her like a jeweled crown,
the star blazed a message from it's secret place.
"Look beyond my lit up face.
There you will see the King himself.
The Creator, the Beloved, you're one true Friend.
Do not be fooled by what your two eyes see.
There lies deception and treachery.
My light will fade but His always shines.
Look with your spiritual eye.
His love burns for all eternity.
Your heart is all he keeps."